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The A3 Creator

New features:

  • Easier sharing, remarkably more collaborative
  • Give others access to edit or comment on your A3
  • View previous versions/generations of A3, as a whole or just by each section
  • Better drawing tools
  • Better type treatment tools (bolding, colors, italics)

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The A3 Creator application is now available for both tablets and computers. You can start an A3 on your tablet at your gemba and continue it on your computer, or vice versa.

Don't have a tablet? No problem. The A3 Creator functions independently as a subscription service. So you can create A3s on your computer and share them with others who subscribe to the service. The first 90 days of the service is free, and you will not lose your A3s should you choose to not continue with the service. It is a great way to get your whole company easy access to A3 Creation.

Anyone who creates A3s knows that A3 is not just populating a template. It is the thinking, conversations, and fact-finding that makes A3s powerful.

A3 thinking (and the A3 Creator) is a tool and thought process to identify and solve problems, build strategies, and plan projects.

The A3 process originated at Toyota and plays a major role in the Toyota Production System and lean management. Designed to get all the important facts and thoughts on to one page, the A3 process drives a consensus of the current state, and where to go next. Some A3 thinkers use a traditional pencil and paper to create A3s, others create them with their computers.

The A3 Creator for tablets was developed to take advantage of the capabilities of tablets, where you can use a stylus as a pencil to create an electronic A3 right at your gemba. You do not need a stylus, you can just type or use your finger to draw. The A3 app is really designed to be as flexible as possible to adjust to the way you create your A3s.

A3 Creator
A3 Creator

A3 Creator

Have a template you'd like to get on the A3 Creator or an idea to improve the app? Send us an email to apps@lean.org.

Please note that the app for tablets is purchased separately from the A3 Creator desktop version. You will need to create a user account when you open the app the first time, but you do not need to pay for the desktop subscription to create A3s with it.

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