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Eric Ethington

Eric Ethington

Eric Ethington has passion for lean, and over 30 years of work experience feeding that passion. Starting as an Industrial Engineer with General Motors’ AC Spark Plug Division, Eric learned early that continuous improvement required a balance of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills. In 1998 Eric began a lean implementation leadership position with Delphi’s Energy division in Flint, Michigan.

During this same time, Eric coached cross-functional teams and met one of his most influential mentors, Yoshinobu Yamada. From 1998 to 2002 Eric spent over 50% of his time learning from Mr. Yamada in a variety of plants and situations throughout Delphi. This experience helped him to understand that lean transformations are very case-by-case; success is not achieved and sustained from a check-list.

In 2001 Eric moved to Delphi’s World Headquarters as the manager of the corporate lean support team. He piloted the Lean Enterprise College where he was introduced to the A3 process as it was a featured segment in the training with the support of John Shook.

After Delphi, Eric worked at Textron before founding Lean Shift Consulting in 2009, focusing on developing others to be lean leaders and transform their own organizations. Since 2009 he has also supported the LEI Lean Enterprise Partners Program. Eric holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Kettering University (formerly GMI), an MBA in Operations from the University of Michigan, Flint campus, and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt in Design. He and his family call Grand Blanc, Michigan home; although if you cannot find him there, Eric is probably hiding in the woods in northern Michigan.

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