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Go and See the Lean Supply Chain: Gemba-Based Workshop (2 Day Class)

Leancro Office


Leancro Office

What attendees are saying about the workshop:

"The workshop lived the spirit of "go and see" and "learn by doing". It was one of my favorite workshops so far with LEI because we got to learn in the classroom and then "go and see" in the warehouse and supply chain/operations center. This was a very valuable Lean experience for me"

- Andrew Koenig, Operations


" I was able to gain valuable insights not only via the workshop but on the gemba as well. Good balance of theory/presentation with examples in practice"

- Bryan Boone, Value Stream and Supply Chain CI


Learning Objectives:

Using Operational tours and an interactive and collaborative lean fulfillment steam simulation, students will learn how to:

Lean Fulfillment Stream Simulation will help you:

  • Value-Stream Map the extended enterprise
  • Calculate and make decisions based on "total cost of fulfillment" for the entire supply chain
  • Plan, calculate, and implement pull systems to drive matieral replenishment
  • Break down cross functional barriers for effective supply stream collaboration
  • Implement logistics concepts of increased delivery frequency, lot size reduction, and leveled flow

This workshop is part of our new series of special programs which combine classroom learning with practical experience at the gemba. The workshop is conducted at the LeanCor Supply Chain Group Operational Center in Florence, Kentucky to allow the program attendees to see firsthand how lean principles are applied to logistics and supply chain processes. Keeping with the true spirit of PDCA we have improved this workshop to include additional gemba time- both in the Operations Center and at a local manufacturing facility.

Workshop Description:

Lean is commonly misunderstood as a manufacturing application without much regard to supply chain and logistics. A lean organization is focused on adding value to the customer, problem solving, continuous improvement, and learning- characteristics necessary for all business functions. Thus, connecting lean to the entire supply chain network is required in a complete lean enterprise.

Modeled after the Shingo- award winning workbook Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream, this dynamic and highly interactive workshop teaches how to apply lean to the supply chain and logistics function.

The workshop highlights the critical elements and "must know" concepts of lean as they apply to the supply chain and logistics. It also provides you with the tools necessary to solve problems, eliminate waste, decrease inventory and lead time to help you improve processes and create level flow, thus ultimately decreasing the total cost of fulfillment.

GO and SEE the Lean Supply Chain:

  • LeanCor Operations Center: View lean operations being used in inbound logistics engineering, transportation management, and material materials management. See firsthand how lean principles and best practices are applied to the logistics and supply chain processes.
  • LeanCor Lean Fulfillment Center: View a lean warehouse in operation. Warehousing is often plagued with processes that are abundant in waste - from material receiving to pick and pack to shipping operations. Flow of inventory, disciplined processes, and visual management are cornerstones of effective warehousing operations. See firsthand how lean principles reduce waste in warehousing operations.

Key Concepts- Total Cost of Fulfillment and Customer Collaboration:

Is anyone in your organization trying to calculate and minimize total cost of fulfillment for the entire supply chain? The answer is likely "no." Embracing the total cost of fulfillment changes the way managers think, with major benefits for all the firms along the supply chain. Once managers adopt the goal of minimizing the total cost of fulfillment, collaboration across functions and firms becomes an obvious necessity. This goal requires a joint examination of the entire supply chain to determine total costs as the chain currently functions. And it requires a joint effort to envision a better supply chain that can benefit all of the firms involved.

Use the Building a Lean Supply Chain workshop to discover how lean creates a platform for providing maximum value to your customer, and how your organization can gain a competitive edge in today's ever evolving workforce.


Operational tours will provide real-life examples of:

  • Lean for administrative offices that support logistics activites
  • Planning and executing lean logistics networks
  • Effective route design and carrier acquisition techniques
  • Lean concepts applied in warehouse functions
  • Labor planning and monitoring activity 
  • Warehouse observational safety practices 


By applying the concepts and principles learned in this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Improve supplier performance and accountability
  • Improve customer satisfaction and customer relationships
  • Drive lean supply-stream management and lean logistics through your organization
  • Reduce the total cost of fulfillment through the reduction of inventory, space, lead time, logistics costs, and increased fill rates.

Leancro Office

Course Outline:

Through instruction, discussion, small group activities, case study work, and interactive games, topics in this workshop will include:

Day 1 (Morning):

  • Lean Fulfillment Stream as a Process
  • Lean Fulfillment Stream Principles
  • Total Cost of Fulfillment
  • Gemba Visit Case Studiesn: End to End Improvement & Network Design 

Day 1 (Afternoon) - Day 2 (Morning)

Lean Fulfillment Stream Simulation

  • Decision 1: Customer Management - Sku Straitification
  • Decision 2: Outbound Logistics - Network Design
  • Decision 3: Shipping, Receiving and Trailer-Yard Management - Staffing
  • Decision 4: Materials and Parts Ordering - Kanban Implementation
  • Decision 5: Supplier Management - Total Cost of Ownership
  • Decision 6: Inbound Logistics - Inbound Logistics Strategy

Gemba Visit Operational Tours: Lean Warehousing & 3PL Operations

Day 2 (Afternoon)

  • Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Mapping the Future State
  • Barriers to Implementation

Who Should Attend:

  • Lean Implementation Leaders, Logistics Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Material Managers, all senior management
  • Lean Manufacturers and suppliers to lean manufacturers
  • This workshop is specifically for the manufacturer who is ready to go outside the four walls of their plant and connect the plant to the supply base using Lean principles


Derek Browning Derek Browning
Derek Browning is a Regional Vice President for LeanCor Supply Chain Group. LeanCor is a trusted supply chain partner that delivers operational improvement and measurable financial results. Unlike other third party logistics providers, LeanCor offers a unique combination of training and education, hands-on consulting, and outsourced logistics services. Derek has eight years of supply chain and logistics experience. His experience ranges from transactional transportation management, to performing logistics network and route designs, supply chain and facility assessments, lean cross-dock and distrubtion center projects, people development, and the deployment of lean principles and practices in several cross-functional areas. These areas include: logistics and warehousing, purchasing, human resources, creative design and marketing, accounting and finance, sales, and executive leadership teams. Derek has trained thousands of professionals in lean, six-sigma, and supply chain, and has actively served as an adjunct professor for the University of Kentucky, Saint Louis University, Georgia Tech University, and Monterrey Tec’s Extension Campus in Mexico City, Mexico. Derek has supported customers in several industries, including: Healthcare and Neutriceutical, Auto Body Repair, Financial Services, Heavy Machinery, Industrial Construction, Consumer Appliances, Material Handling Equipment, Recreation Vehicles, Third Party Logsitics, Home Improvement, Home and Commercial Furnishings, Funeral Services, and Automotive. As a Regional Vice President, Derek’s responsibilities are split between managing and supporting active lean supply chain projects, facilitation of LeanCor training and education events and Kaizen workshops, the management of the central region of Lean Deployment, and working with past and future clients to develop future business opportunites. Derek compliments his supply chain and logistics experience with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Northern Kentucky University. He holds several certificates in lean, six sigma, and supply chain and logistics. These include a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and certificates in Lean Strategic Sourcing and Lean Six Sigma Logsitics/Supply Chain Management. Derek is aggressively pursuing an MBA with a targeted completion in the summer of 2013. Derek currently resides in Burlington, KY with his wife and daughter and is expecting a son this August. In his spare time he enjoys outdoor activities and studying new and interesting topics.
Robert Martichenko Robert Martichenko
LeanCor, LLC

Robert Martichenko
Robert Martichenko is the CEO of LeanCor, LLC. LeanCor is a trusted supply chain partner that delivers operational improvement and measurable financial results. LeanCor offers a unique combination of training and education, hands-on consulting, and outsourced logistics services that help manufacturers eliminate waste, drive down costs, and instill a problem solving culture across their supply chain.

Robert has over 20 years of lean supply chain implementation, logistics, and organizational transformation experience. He’s worked with companies such as Mitsubishi Caterpillar, General Mills, Kimberly Clark, JC Penney, Starbucks, Nestle, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing, helping them improve inventory visibility and logistics control while achieving process improvement that delivers peak operating performance.

In addition to leading LeanCor, Robert is a senior instructor for the Lean Enterprise Institute and the Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistics Institute, as well as a frequent speaker for professional industry events. Robert has authored multiple lean and supply chain books and educational materials, including the Shingo Award winning workbook, Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream and the simple and fun introductory book Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade. His other books include Success in 60 Seconds, and Lean Six Sigma Logistics. Additionally, Robert has written several dozen articles on the topic of lean supply chain published in trade journals and industry publications.

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