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Improvement Kata Seminar (1 Day Class)

This interactive experiential workshop offers the content and activities from Day 2 of our three-day Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata program with the intent to help you understand and begin practicing a systematic routine for continuously improving the work you do.

The Pattern of the Improvement Kata

Kata pattern


The Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata are an intertwined, innovative management system that provides the means to accomplish two equally important goals:

  • Practicing a systematic, scientific way for people to work together to achieve challenging objectives that are currently beyond their reach, and…
  • Developing managers as coaches for creating a culture of continuous improvement, adaption, and innovation. This is done through simple, time-efficient, daily "coaching cycles."

Based on Mike Rother’s award winning book, Toyota Kata, this one-day course will:

  • Help you recognize a different way of managing
  • Influence how you view your job as a leader and manager.
  • Help you better understand what's involved in developing these new behaviors in your organization
  • Prepare you to start practicing at home tomorrow – We call it Quick Start!


Morning:  What are the Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata about?

  • Review the theory behind Toyota Kata (it helps to know what you're trying to do).

Afternoon:  Improvement Kata Practice with a video example.

  • Understand the direction
  • Grasp the current condition
  • Establish a target condition
  • PDCA toward the target condition/coaching cycles

Targeted Audience

Senior managers, managers and Lean staff from all industries and businesses that have been implementing lean and/or interested in creating a sustainable culture of continuous improvement through use of the cutting-edge Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata management methodology.

Elizabeth Carrington Elizabeth Carrington
President and Master Coach
Carrington Consulting

Beth is an Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata Instructor and Program Developer at LEI and other global organizations such as the University and Michigan.  Since 2008 Beth has worked with organization’s deploying the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata. Since 1999 Beth has been leading organizations in lean transformations helping a diverse group of clients; small and large, repetitive and custom processors in the manufacturing, healthcare, service and government sectors. Prior to consulting, Beth has over 20 years experience in leadership within the personal care, furniture and automotive industries.

William Costantino William Costantino
Senior Partner
W3 Group
Bill Costantino was one of the very first employees at Toyota's Georgetown, KY auto plant where he worked as a Group Leader for seven years. He has subsequently worked for the last 17 years as an independent consultant, supporting companies making the transition to more lean ways of operating. He has consulted extensively across a wide range of clients in diverse industries. For the last 2 years, Bill has been collaborating closely with Mike Rother, author of "Toyota Kata". Mike & Bill have developed and now co-lead a three-day professional development workshop with the University of Michigan, teaching the underlying philosophy and critical routines of the Toyota Kata approach to management. Bill is also an LEI Toyota Kata instructor.
Drew Locher Drew Locher

Drew began developing and implementing continuous improvement initiatives while working for General Electric in the 1980s. Since leaving GE in 1990, he has helped a variety of industrial and service companies with organizational development and lean implementations. Drew helped the National Institute of Standards and Technologies’ Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) develop a Lean University, providing training to roughly 1,000 MEP field engineers helping small to medium-sized manufacturers throughout the country. He has helped companies in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, transportation, distribution, education, financial services, and manufacturing implement lean and organizational redesign.

He is co-author with Beau Keyte of The Complete Lean Enterprise: Value-Stream Mapping for Administrative and Office Processes, which received a Shingo Research Award in 2005. Drew is also the author of Value Stream Mapping for Lean Development: a How-to Guide to Streamlining Time to Market. His book Lean Office and Service Simplified: The Definitive How-To Guide was a 2010 Shingo Research Prize recipient. His latest book is The Complete Lean Enterprise: Value Stream Mapping for Office and Services.

He currently aids companies implementing lean through Change Management Associates.

Michele McLaughlin Michele McLaughlin
As a student and practitioner of the Toyota Production System, Michele has gained hands-on experience helping companies apply lean in shop and office environments in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, distribution, consumer products, machine building, cut and sew, and printing. Michele is also a faculty trainer for The University of Michigan's Center for Professional Development and Ford Motor Company's Lean Resource Center. Michele was the lean manufacturing program manager for the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center and prior to that a materials planner and continuous improvement coordinator for a tier-two automotive supplier. She currently aids companies implementing lean through MMc Associates.
Steve Medland Steve Medland
Steve Medland has spent over 20 years leading, consulting, teaching, and learning operations, lean, and supply chain related practices in industries from metal fabrication and machining to grocery retail. Steve enjoys applying lean principles and other best practices to non-manufacturing processes in the supply chain such as the customer interface, supply management, inventory management, and distribution. Steve also teaches Supply Chain and Operations Management at Colorado State University in the College of Business and the College of Engineering.

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Price: $800.00 ($700.00 if the participant is taking 2 or more workshops at one location)
Price includes all participant materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks each day

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