A3 Dojo (1 Day Class)

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John ShookJohn Shook
CEO, Lean Enterprise Institute

“The A3 is a great process to enable good problem-solving, but also to develop good problem-solvers. Companies that embrace the A3 process see tremendous results both in operational improvements (improved quality and lower cost) and also in terms of a change in culture. The real objective here is problem-solving and the engagement of all people in an organization in solving problems they own. The A3 is a means to help that.

What we’d like to see is organizations become institutions that encourage and develop problem-solvers and encourage problem-solving in everything they do.”

David Verble
LEI Faculty Member

“The A3 format is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. PDCA itself is essentially a scientific process of experimental learning.

A famous scientist said that ‘fortune favors the prepared mind.’ In the case of creating an A3 the mind that prepares itself by being sure it is thinking and speaking from the facts is better able to tell a sound and engaging A3 story.”

Tracey RichardsonTracey Richardson
LEI Faculty Member

Coaching and mentoring in A3 and problem solving is one of the most important leadership skills in a lean leader’s “toolbox”. Its main objective is to develop engaged thinkers who are empowered to make a difference in their daily work.

Lean leaders are proponents of servant leadership, working FOR their people ensuring they have the resources to be successful in solving problems and documenting their thinking processes.

Welcome to the A3 Dojo, a workshop designed to give you a forum to discuss various aspects of A3 thinking, problem-solving and leadership capability development with each other and with LEI faculty.

This workshop is an experiment we are offering in response to many requests we have received from community members who have practiced creating A3s, still have questions about the process, and want more face time with workshop instructors. Here is your opportunity to begin or continue working on your A3 with guidance from LEI faculty!

In the course of this workshop, you will be engaged in problem-solving, coaching, individual and group learning, discussions and questioning. Most importantly, you will decide which activity you want to participate in given what you want to learn. Just like in a supermarket. Come, shop, and pull what you need!

You can select two topics from the list below, one for the morning session and another for the afternoon. You will develop your A3s and have mini learning sessions facilitated by LEI faculty.

A3 LeapersWorking group topics:

  • Grasping the Situation
  • Root Cause Investigation, Determining and Implementing Countermeasures
  • 4 things to think about before beginning an A3
  • Strategy, Proposal and Problem-Solving A3s
  • Developing Problem-solvers by Asking the Right Questions
  • Daily Actions for Leaders to Encourage Effective Problem-Solving

In addition to your participation in the sessions, you will have at least 15 minutes of face time with an instructor in order to get personal coaching on your A3.

The main outcomes of this practical hands-on workshop are:

  • You will have confidence that you are on the right track in addressing your current problem;
  • You will be ready to share your A3 with others in your organization to gain feedback and, eventually, achieve agreement on solving a specific problem;

You will have a better understanding about the difference between problem-solving A3s (which usually address caused problems) and A3s that address created problems, such as strategy and proposal A3s.

  • Learn about the daily actions of a leader/manager required to engage their people in rigorous problem solving
  • Learn what questions should leaders ask to help their employees become better problem solvers?

Who should attend:

Leaders, managers, and change agents who have some experience creating A3s to address business problems and who want to go further developing their problem-solving and coaching skills using the A3 methodology.

David Verble

David applied his organizational skills at Toyota's Georgetown, KY, plant where he worked in management and organizational development during the facility’s startup phase and beyond. During his 10 years at Toyota, David became the manager of Human Resource Development at Georgetown and then manager of Human Resource Development for North American Manufacturing at Toyota's manufacturing headquarters in Erlanger, KY. Before his tenure at Toyota, David was responsible for organizational development as assistant to the Dean of the College of Education, University of Kentucky. He currently aids companies implementing lean through Lean Transformations Group.



Tracey Richardson

Tracey has over 24 years experience in different roles within Toyota and learned lean practices as a Group Leader at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky from 1988-1998. She was one of the first team members hired, with the fortunate opportunity to learn directly from the Japanese trainers. As a Group Leader and Quality Circle Advisor, she learned first-hand about lean tools and culture development. Now, as President of Teaching Lean, Inc. Tracey currently works within Toyota Motor Manufacturing plants and suppliers and other companies on their lean journeys, helping them develop the capabilities of employees - from the team-member level up to company leadership - through problem-solving and aligning daily activities with company business plans (PDCA-hoshin), enabling these companies to create a lean culture that is the foundation for success and long term sustainability. Tracey is an active coach and contributor to LEI's MTL A3 Dojo available on lean.org. Tracey also teaches several problem-solving and A3 workshops as an LEI faculty member.

Workshop Suggestion:
To maximize your learning experience we recommend that prior to attending this program you take following workshop or have a good understanding of the concepts presented within it.
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Price: $800.00 ($700.00 if the participant is taking 2 or more workshops at one location)
Price includes all participant materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks each day

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