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Kata Skill at Novice Level
LEI IK/CK instructor Beth Carrington illustrates five common themes when you find yourself at Novice level. More »
What do you think about a new boss who wants us to use…
Dear Gemba Coach, My new boss wants us to use A3s to “teach us how to solve problems rigorously” – her words. I find the process cumbersome, it goes against everything I know about … More »
Why won't operators use andons?
Dear Gemba Coach, We’re struggling with andons. We’ve set up a button for operators to press and call for help, but they’re not using it as much as we hoped, and we don&rsq… More »
Dear Gemba Coach, How can a narrow focus on problem solving help us to find innovative solutions? Shouldn’t we be looking for disruptive breakthrough instead? More »