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Why you can't convince your boss to support lean…
Dear Gemba CoachI work as a deployment champion in a manufacturing company, but I don’t have the support of my managers because they don´t believe in the lean methodology. Which lean tool… More »
After listening to Jim Morgan talk about Ford Motor Company's lean turnaround strategy during the Great Recession, Cam Ford (no relation) muses on how it could hold an important lesson for companies… More »
Why are there so many different opinions about what…
Dear Gemba CoachI have attended several lean conferences and am deeply interested in the topic, but puzzled about the diversity of viewpoints. Any advice on how to make up my own mind about what &l… More »
Tilo Schwarz and his team at Festool (Germany) used practice of the Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata routines to make improvement part of everyone's daily work, and earned two European… More »