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Thinking About Thinking
Don't believe everything you think. Practice scientific thinking and test your assumptions, because every step is an experiment! More »
Many of us are familiar with the term "mindfulness," especially in the context of being aware of our surroundings. But there is much more to mindfulness than just that, from its many different forms to its role in a lean transformation and beyond. Amy Sandler shares more about this versatile term and how we can harness it to improve our everyday lives. More »
It's a curious fact that very few books about lean address the topic of finance. Questions about lean's financial benefits are often the first that leaders skeptical about launching a transformation ask, so it's a wonder why this is seldom addressed. Lean accounting pioneer and LEI faculty Jean Cunningham now weighs in on this information gap in lean finance, along with suggestions for how to bridge it at your company. More »
Does a Lean Company Need Explicit or Implicit Leadership?
Dear Gemba Coach, Explicit leadership or implicit leadership? Does an explicit style sustain a lean organization? More »
Why We're Thankful For Lean
Thanksgiving is a time of year when Americans take a day to step back and appreciate everything they have to be thankful for. Here at the Lean Enterprise Institute, we're… More »
"In a previous sketch I introduced Toyota’s approach to visual management, or Floor Management Display Systems (FMDS), including the six elements of creating FMDS," writes… More »
Lean is difficult for many companies to grasp at first, often due to the cultural shift. If the organization's people are used to a more laid-back, "looser" style of… More »
When you think of environments for a lean transformation, does a bakery come to mind? Probably not, but growing pains-plagued Cafe365 of Barcelona was an ideal setting. Here's their story. More »
"You can’t really become a lean enterprise without making the shift from traditional standard-cost accounting to lean (i.e. plain English) accounting," writes Art Byrne. Read more to learn why a lean accounting department is crucial to a complete organizational transformation. More »
Does lean have an ethical perspective other than goal-oriented…
Dear Gemba Coach, As a follow-up to your previous column on the question of whether lean has a spiritual dimension, does lean have an ethical perspective other than goal-oriented efficiency? More »
When Lean Gets Personal
When Lean Gets Personal
Lean is not simply about making things better; Jim Morgan shares how his experience with lean healthcare taught him how lean helps make people better. More »
“Simple Ain’t Easy”
The essence of lean is simplicity, argues Orry Fiume, a theme that applies not only to great organizations, but great music and anything else important. More »
The customer is king in lean. That's why it's critical to know their values, needs, interests, etc. in order to ensure your product has its niche. Some companies go further… More »
Is there a spiritual dimension to lean?
Dear Gemba Coach,  Is there a spiritual dimension to lean? More »