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Ask Art: How high is up with lean?
Ask Art: How high is up with lean?
Art Byrne explains that continuous improvement really is continuous and that there is no limit to the “up” in lean. More »
A lean product and process development transformation may seem daunting, but all you really need to get started is a series of simple yet effective "small steps." Here's Katrina Appell on her favorite. More »
Is promising that lean will make work more meaningful disrespectful…
Dear Gemba Coach, Can lean really make work more meaningful for everybody? Isn’t this overpromising to workers and disrespectful to them because management really can't deliver on the promise? More »
LEI's Customer Strategy Officer talks about his mistake of not asking enough questions and what he learned about passion overtaking reasonable thinking when it comes to the lean summit. More »
Six Personal Kanban Habits to Avoid
Jim Benson, kanban specialist, shares the six most common mistakes found on kanban boards. More »
Sustaining gains from kaizen thinking is one of the hardest, and certainly most misunderstood, aspects of this work. It’s misunderstood because the actual change takes place… More »
"Lean and Agile are two of the most commonly discussed (and hotly debated) principles for managing a business, particularly when there’s a transformation underway," writes… More »
What kind of conversation should I expect during a gemba walk?
One important thing to keep in mind is much of the key parts of the gemba walk conversation happen before and after actually being on the gemba. More »
A Sweeter Type of Lean
A Sweeter Type of Lean
In one memorable lean project, Carlos Moretti found himself assisting a Brazilian sugar-cane supplier for the ethanol industry with a number of efficiency and quality problems. This is his story. More »
Advice from the Gemba: TPS Mythbusting
Advice from the Gemba: TPS Mythbusting
Despite its fundamental role in a lean transformation, the Toyota Production System is not an easy thing for many to grasp. In this special installment of Advice from the Gemba, three of LEI's accomplished faculty discuss the most common misconceptions they hear about TPS from their workshop participants. More »
Advice from the Gemba: Best Tips for Designing a Work Experience
Advice from the Gemba: Best Tips for Designing a Work Experience
When designing a work experience, the benefits of having an experienced coach to guide you cannot be overstated. In this installment of Advice from the Gemba, three of the Lean Global Network's best coaches offer their favorite tips for designing a work experience. More »
What are your three most important problems?
What to look for during a gemba walk. More »
With the end of the year fast approaching, it's time for our annual look back on 12 months of content on the Lean Post. Business Editor Cam Ford reflects on the past year… More »
Ask Art: Why Is Something As Simple As Lean…
"Recently my good friend Paul Akers of FastCap and lean blogging fame asked me why lean, which appears to be so simple, ends up being so hard for people to do," writes Art… More »
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