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IK/CK at Modine
By: Modine Manufacturing Company | October 4, 2015
Modine Manufacturing views practicing the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata as a way to lead, manage and develop people.  .. in order to drive continuous improvement and achieve desired results. Modine has been practicing Kata for several years and adopted the IK/CK routines into daily management via its Modine Production System. More »
By: Narrated by Alan Watts | September 1, 2015
Scientific thinking is about the limits of logical efforts. We organize and plan and try to create ideal situations, yet the larger picture is not accessible to us. The mind maneuvers, craves, thinks and plans how to obtain what we want and avoid what we don't like. But we can't control the future that way because there are too many factors. Every step we take is an interesting experiment. (Animation by Steve Agnos.  ) More »