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By: By Tilo Schwarz & LEI Hungary | November 1, 2015
Tilo Schwarz and his team at Festool (Germany) used practice of the Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata routines to make improvement part of everyone's daily work, and earned two European operational excellence awards in the process. In this 30-minute presentation from LEI Hungary's Lean Summit, Tilo shows how IK+CK is a management system that increases scientific problem solving ability through practice of specific behaviors. LEI Hungary is the newest Lean Global Network member. More »
IK/CK at Modine
By: Modine Manufacturing Company | October 4, 2015
Modine Manufacturing views practicing the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata as a way to lead, manage and develop people.  .. in order to drive continuous improvement and achieve desired results. Modine has been practicing Kata for several years and adopted the IK/CK routines into daily management via its Modine Production System. More »