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Thinking Lean at Thedacare: Strategy Deployment (DVD)
Thinking Lean at Thedacare: Strategy Deployment (DVD)

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Why are lean tools not enough to transform healthcare delivery?

To truly become a lean organization, we need a new management system - and the Strategy Deployment method is a critical piece of lean management for Toyota, for other manufacturers, or for health systems like ThedaCare.

In this DVD, you will see ThedaCare's leading lean practices at their system-level boardroom (the “visual room”) and at multiple locations throughout Appleton Medical Center. You will hear directly from the leading figures in the development of the ThedaCare Improvement System: Dr. John Toussaint, CEO of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, and Dr. Dean Gruner, CEO of ThedaCare. You will also see and hear other leaders, from the hospital COO to a unit-level nursing manager, describe how strategy deployment creates alignment throughout the organization.

The DVD illustrates how ThedaCare’s “true north” objectives are translated to multiple departments. You will also see how leaders use standardized visual boards to track key metrics, rapid improvement events, and staff suggestions – all aimed at providing the best patient care.


DVD Highlights

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DVD Chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. The ThedaCare Improvement System
  3. Strategy Deployment
  4. Executive Leadership Conference Room
  5. Senior Management Conference Room
  6. Collaborative Care Board
  7. ICU Board
  8. Q&A w/ John Toussaint, Dean Gruner, and Matt Furlan
  9. Conclusion


Chapter 1: Thinking Lean at ThedaCare: Strategy Deployment

(Note: To view the above clip, your company must allow streaming video.)

Exclusive Online Bonus Content:
Owners of the DVD will have exclusive access to online content, including the ability to submit questions to the leaders who appear in the video. Information about accessing the bonus content is printed in the booklet that is inside the DVD case.

Publisher:  ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value
Publication Date:  May 2, 2011
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