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Potent Medicine
Potent Medicine
by John Toussaint, MD

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In his hard-charging Shingo Research award-winning book, On the Mend, Dr. John Toussaint introduced readers to the efforts of ThedaCare, a five-hospital system in northeastern Wisconsin, in redesigning healthcare delivery through lean transformation by building a culture of continuous improvement.

Potent Medicine, the compelling follow-up to On the Mend, expands on the healthcare delivery redesign and focuses on all three key components in creating a value-based healthcare system in America:

  • Delivery of care is designed using lean methods around the patient. Meaningful care delivery is organized around the needs of the patient, not the convenience of insurance companies or doctors.
  • Treatment quality and cost is made transparent. To build a true picture of any healthcare system, we must identify accurate data regarding quality and cost and publish it in a way that people understand.
  • Payment is made for health outcomes. Right now we pay for procedures, and we do it more than any other industrialized nation. What we really want is to pay for health.

No one individual or organization can fix healthcare alone. Doctors, patients, payers alike must commit time and energy to the solution. Potent Medicine is more than a book. It is a call to action for leaders across the nation to join ongoing experiments, learn from them, adjust, and do it all over again. This is a dynamic process and Potent Medicine outlines how to stay engaged and involved as the healthcare story unfolds.

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Publisher:  ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value
ISBN-13:  978-0-9848848-0-3
SKU:  4803
Publication Date:  April 4, 2012
Number of Pages:  184
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