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Management on the Mend
Management on the Mend
by John Toussaint, MD

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Five years after his debut book, On the Mend, showed how a large, cradle-to-grave health system revolutionized the way care is delivered, Dr. John Toussaint returns with news for healthcare leaders. There is a clear framework for success for such a transformation. And senior leaders need to be far more intimately involved.

While studying and assisting hundreds of organizations transitioning to lean healthcare, Dr. Toussaint witnessed many flaws and triumphs. Those organizations that win – creating better value for patients while removing waste in the system – have senior managers that lead by example at the frontline of care. The best health systems have also discovered ways to engage everyone in solving problems and embracing change.

Management on the Mend is the result of years of investigations by Dr. Toussaint of dozens of healthcare organizations around the world. Using their collective experiences, he has built a model for lean transformations that work. This book describes the model, step by step, through people in 11 organizations who are doing the work. It is the story of many journeys and one conclusion: lean healthcare is not only possible, it is necessary.

As senior leaders look ahead to a future that includes radical changes that include population health management, the healthcare payment system, and patient expectations, everyone knows that health systems must be agile to survive. In order to thrive, they must be able to continuously improve. Here is the roadmap for that future.

Publisher:  ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value
ISBN-13:  978-0-9848848-5-8
SKU:  4858
Publication Date:  June 3, 2015
Number of Pages:  205
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Praise for Management on the Mend

—Rick Wartzman, executive director of the Drucker Institute and Fortune columnist

Management on the Mend is a supremely well-written, fast-moving, example-filled guide to transforming healthcare organizations. But the truth is the book should be required reading for any executive trying to radically improve the way his or her company operates. John Toussaint’s lessons are so cogent and so powerful they transcend any one field.

—Peter Ward, Richard M. Ross Chair in Management, Ohio State University

Management on the Mend is a playbook for healthcare leaders seeking to transform their organizations. Drawing on the experiences of the most successful healthcare transformations to date, the book describes the ‘how’s and whys’ of the decisions required to achieve transformation. More important, it provides options that have been shown to work under different circumstances. A must- read for healthcare leaders concerned with delivering value based on cost, safety, and patient experience.

—Stephen M. Shortell, PhD, MPH, MBA, dean emeritus, Haas School of Business, UC-Berkeley

Management on the Mend goes beyond the techniques and tools to provide a road map for transforming the entire organization. Concrete, rich examples are provided to help healthcare leaders create new organizations that can sustain consistent improvements in care on a daily basis. Essential reading for all who recognize the need to go beyond their own personal and their organization’s comfort zone.

—Leonard Berry, PhD, coauthor, Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic

An honest, wise, practical, and inspiring book from a healthcare leader who lives what he teaches.

—James Hereford, COO, Stanford Hospital & Clinics

This is a critical read for any healthcare leader who is contemplating his or her own lean journey and, frankly, for any healthcare executive who is trying to understand how he or she needs to position his or her organization for success in the future.