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Lean Hospitals, 2nd Ed.
Lean Hospitals, 2nd Ed.
by Mark Graban

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Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award recipient

Building on the success of the Shingo Prize-Winning first edition, Lean Hospitals explains how to use a lean management system to improve safety, quality, access, and morale while reducing costs. Lean healthcare expert Mark Graban examines the challenges facing today’s health systems, including rising costs, falling reimbursement rates, employee retention, and patient safety.

The second edition of this international bestseller begins with an overview of lean methods. It explains how practices such as value-stream mapping and process observation can help reduce wasted motion for caregivers, prevent delays for patients, and improve the long-term health of your organization. In addition to a new introduction from John Toussaint, this updated edition includes:

  • New and updated material on identifying waste, A3 problem solving, employee suggestion management, and strategy deployment
  • New case studies—including a new Kanban case study (Northampton General Hospital) and another that ties together the themes of standardized work, Kanban, 5S, visual management, and Lean leadership for the prevention of patient harm
  • New examples and updated data throughout, including revised chapters on patient safety and preventing medical errors

Detailing the steps needed for a successful transition to a lean culture, the book provides the understanding of lean practices—including standardized work, error proofing, root cause problem solving, and daily improvement processes—needed to reduce common hospital errors. The balanced approach outlined in this book will guide you through the process of improving quality of service while reducing costs in your hospital.

This title is also available as an e-book from Amazon.

Publisher:  Productivity Press
ISBN-13:  978-1439870433
SKU:  0433
Publication Date:  November 7, 2011
Number of Pages:  268
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