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The Gold Mine Trilogy Guide + Gold Mine + Lean Manager (set)
The Gold Mine Trilogy Guide + Gold Mine + Lean Manager (set)
by Michael Ballé and Freddy Ballé with Tom Ehrenfeld

List Price: $60.00

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This 3 Book Set includes:

The Gold Mine deftly weaves together the technical and human pieces of implementing lean manufacturing in an engaging story that readers will find both compelling and instructive.

The Lean Manager: A Novel of Lean Transformation reveals how individuals can go beyond the short-term gains from tools, and realize a deeper, sustainable path of improvement.

The Gold Mine Trilogy Study Guide is designed to work through the books one chapter at a time. The material is structured to support a regular cadence of team discussions. Each chapter section contains:

1. A chapter summary.
2. Author explanations of the significance of each chapter and how specific tools embody specific lean principles. 
3. Key ideas contained in the chapter. 
4. Reflection questions to guide your conversations.

Publisher:  Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc.
Publication Date:  October 12, 2015
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