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2013 Lean Coaching Summit | July 23-24, 2013 - Hilton Head, SC

Lean Coaching Summit

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There is no questioning the essential nature of coaching as a core skill of lean leadership. If lean is a matter of learning new skills and even mental models, learning lean is a "learn by doing" or experiential learning process. And if lean is an experiential learning process, coaching is THE skill to enable more effective, more efficient learning of lean thinking and practice.  It's a skill that all lean leaders need to acquire. And what better place to practice – with others going through similar experiences – than at our upcoming Lean Coaching Summit.

For a topic like coaching, practice of course is essential, so we have planned our agenda to offer substantial time for attendees to be able to learn, practice, and reflect while at the summit in a session that is long enough to not just learn a tip or trick, but to really take the time to dive deep into a given coaching topic. So the plan is to incorporate a full-day workshop into the summit program itself as part of the overall experience. Also included will be keynotes by John Shook, Jim Huntzinger, and Hank Bias – a retired coach who was mentored by Coach John Wooden, Swen Nater, and Ron Gallimore, coaching intensives led by industry practitioners from IBM, University of Michigan Healthcare, and others, and back by popular demand, an Open Space session.


Join us July 23-24 in Hilton Head, South Carolina, for 2 days of intensive learning, practicing, and networking. Learn more about the conference topics and how to register »