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2013 Transformation Summit

Think about all the assets your company has. Now consider that only one – people – has the ability to appreciate over time. So developing your most valuable asset must be a key part of what you do as a leader.

You and your people also must produce products and services that deliver value to customers. So the challenge and core of leading an effective lean transformation is learning how to develop people through the very processes in which they work. That means you have to figure out how to make sure your operating work processes are people development processes. Managers and executives are figuring it out. But there is more than one answer; more than one transformation model. At this year's Summit, you'll learn from a variety of models so you discover the strategy and tactics that are right for your business environment. And the unique Summit design provides you with relevant, real-world learning — in-depth and from different key perspectives. For example:

  • In Plenary Sessions, executives will explain their transformation models – what is their vision, how they set direction, how they plan.
  • In Breakouts, company managers and change agents will take you on deep dives into one aspect of capability development that is critical to supporting the transformation model, such as how they are developing future team leaders and people's problem-solving capabilities.

Summit Program

Keynote Speakers

John Shook John Shook - Chairman and CEO, Lean Enterprise Institute

The newly appointed CEO of LEI and author of Learning to See and Managing to Learn, will be the Summit host and closing keynote speaker.

John Shook Art Byrne - Operating Partner with J.W. Childs Associates, former CEO of Wiremold, and author of The Lean Turnaround About the Presentation »


Plenary & Breakout Sessions

You'll learn from these learning leaders from TSSC (Toyota Production System Support Center) and Herman Miller.

Just Added!

Capital One

More details to come, check back soon.

Capital One plenary session

GE Appliances & Lighting

More details to come, check back soon.

GE plenary session


The Toyota Production System Support Center, Inc. was established to share TPS know-how with North American organizations that have a true desire to learn and adopt TPS.

They are committed to spreading and sharing TPS know-how to help North American organizations to grow.  Through learning TPS together, they are able to strengthen the capability to solve problems and eliminate waste to achieve: 

  1. High Quality
  2. Low Cost
  3. Short Lead Time

TSSCJamie Bonini
General Manager


Herman Miller

A 107 year-old company headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan, Herman Miller is a pioneering American furniture maker with a record of design innovations that have defined modern residential and commercial interiors since the 1930s. In recent years the company has demonstrated its commitment to manufacturing in the U.S. even as it has established production sites in Europe and Asia to provide added capacity to serve its growing international markets. The company's expertise in "lean" manufacturing is credited for its ability to compete globally in both value and quality, relying on its excellent workforce of employee owners to drive continual improvements in efficiency. 

Ken GoodsonKen Goodson
Executive Vice President of Operations

About the Presentation »




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Watch presentations from the 2011 Summit by LEI CEO John Shook on the significance of lean "Frontiers and Fundamentals" and a special presentation by LEI Founder Jim Womack on what he has observed during years of taking gemba walks through manufacturing and service companies.


Learning Sessions

Get answers to your questions about different aspects of capability development. Personalize your Summit experience by exploring topics that you told us were important. In small interactive sessions where you can learn, discuss, and reflect, you'll discover applications and methodologies of lean people development. These sessions will be offered multiple times during the Summit so you will have the opportunity to participate in multiple sessions.

A3 Problem Solving
Tracey Richardson

Coaching and mentoring by a leader is an essential role/action in developing engaged thinkers who are empowered to make a difference in their daily work. A good leader is present at the gemba (where the work is happening) asking questions regarding the value-added processes that support the order to the customer. Good leaders must be the "servant leader", which are leaders who "work for" their people ensuring they have the proper resources to be successful at their individual process which in turn supports the value streams that creates the company outputs. If leaders are aligning the questions to support the key performance indicators (KPI's) such as quality, safety, productivity, and cost then they should be asking what should be happening versus what is currently happening vertically and horizontally across the organization. These questions should uncover gaps that can be measured so then problem-solving thinking (PDCA) becomes the important key element that is the common lens everyone sees through.

At the end of this session, you should be able to understand at a high level:

  1. A3 Problem Solving (PDCA) to core to successful business/leadership practices
  2. The role standardization plays in leadership practices/behaviors
  3. The daily actions of a leader/manager to engage their people in a problem solving


Networking Opportunities

The summit is designed to be the best networking venue in the Lean Community by providing formal and informal ways for you to connect with counterparts facing the same challenges as you:

  • March 11th - Welcome Reception (get to know fellow attendees prior to the start of the Summit)
  • March 12th - Networking Reception (continue conversations and compare notes after the first day)
  • Networking Breaks (30 minutes to allow time for a phone call, cup of coffee, and conversation)
  • Lunch Roundtables (attendee-led discussions on topics you told us were important to you)


Back by Popular Demand … Summit Streaming

Bring The Summit to Your Gemba With Live Streaming!

LEI will be broadcasting the summit online. Now you and your team can attend this year's summit virtually.



Pre- & Post-Summit Workshops

In-depth one- and two-day sessions help you build practical skills for addressing fundamental issues as well as new ones you will encounter during a lean transformation. For more information on Pre- & Post-Summit Workshops click here.

This year's Pre-Summit Workshops are:

This year's Post-Summit Workshop is:

For the first time our Pre-Summit Workshops are being offered to those not attending the summit. Summit attendees who choose to attend Pre-Summit Workshops will receive a discounted rate.




Register for the Summit online by clicking the button above or call 617-871-2900 between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.



If you register before January 25, 2013, you will receive $350 off. No code needed - the discount will automatically be applied to your registration.


Team Discount

For groups from the same company, every 5th person's summit registration is free! (Pre-Summit Workshops are not included.) Please call 617-871-2900 to register your group and receive this discount.



$2,500 USD
The registration fee includes participation in the Summit, participant materials, and food for both days. 

Pre-Summit Workshops are available to Summit attendees on March 11th and 12th for an additional fee. Breakfast and lunch are included.


Confirmation, Cancellations, and Substitutions

Once registered for the Summit or for Pre-Summit Workshops, you will receive a confirmation email. To receive a full refund, notice of cancellation must be received by February 13, 2013. After this date, cancellations will be subject to a non-refundable $350 cancellation fee. Substitutions may be made at any time before March 12, 2013.

If you have any further questions please contact the Lean Enterprise Institute at 617-871-2900 or summits@lean.org.


Lead Your Lean Turnaround

My Model for Transforming 30 Businesses (and Counting)

Art Byrne has led or started lean transformations in more than 30 different organizations. His transformation model has always produced exceptional results for all stakeholders, perhaps most famously at The Wiremold Company, where he quadrupled the company size and increased enterprise value by 2,476%.
This proven model is based on two powerful insights about what you are really trying to do in any lean turnaround: (1) understand that the only way any company can grow and create wealth for all its stakeholders is to consistently deliver more value to customers than competitors over long periods of time; (2) understand that the main thing you are trying to do is transform people.
In this session Art will share his model, a model that is simple, repeatable, and doable in any type of business. You'll learn:
  • Why a lean strategy should be at the foundation of every other strategic effort
  • How to make your personal transformation from manager to lean leader
  • How to rapidly reorganize people around value streams as you jettison the traditional organizational structure
  • The four fundamental lean concepts that you must master and relentlessly drive
  • The three management principles you must commit to in order to transform an organization and people

Herman Miller

Best known for their high-quality, innovative office furniture, Herman Miller has been on their particular lean learning journey for over 17 years. Ken Goodson, Executive Vice President of Operations, will share Herman Miller's lean transformation story and model, including stories about how lean has helped the organization achieve measurable results and stay innovative in a competitive, fast-evolving market. [Read more about Herman Miller's transformation here].
In 1995, with the support and encouragement of senior leadership, change agents at Herman Miller took it upon themselves to transition one plant to lean. After Toyota sensei Mr. Hajime Ohba's visit in 1996, Herman Miller began working with TSSC (Toyota Production System Support Center) to develop a model line that ultimately spread lean top down, bottom up, and across the entire organization. Since then, Goodson has led his team in slowly creating an organizational culture that emphasizes people development over short-term metrics, open problem-solving, and setting team members up for success. Goodson was so enthusiastic about lean in those early years he made this approach mandatory and established a lean department that sent in coaches to work alongside the local leaders and support their implementation. In this plenary session, learn how Herman Miller demonstrates a deep commitment to lean thinking and practice today as well as what Goodson believes it takes for companies to successfully transition to lean.