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Jim Huntzinger Jim Huntzinger

Jim Huntzinger is president and founder of Lean Frontiers, which runs the Lean Accounting Summit, TWI Summit, Lean HR Summit, Lean IT Summit, and Lean Asia-Pacific Summit.

Since starting as a manufacturing engineer with Aisin Seiki, a Toyota component manufacturer, Huntzinger has spent over 20 years in engineering, operations, and management positions, helping companies implement lean principles in operational and business areas.  He has also been a consultant to companies, ranging from small privately-held businesses to large global corporations.

Huntzinger is the author of Lean Cost Management: Accounting for Lean by Establishing Flow, and is a contributing author to Lean Accounting: Best Practices for Sustainable Integration. He is the author ofmany articles on lean management, including the groundbreaking, "Roots of Lean - Training Within Industry: The Origin of Kaizen". He currently is developing a history of Ford's Highland Park plant and its direct tie to Toyota's business model and operating methods. Huntzinger holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University and a master's in engineering management from the Milwaukee School of Engineering.