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Lean Talks

The idea of LeanTalks is simple, give lean thinkers 10 minutes to share something they believe other lean thinkers and the rest of the world will benefit from hearing.

We hope this will be an ongoing experiment throughout the year where the lean community can learn, share, and spread lean thinking into areas we may have never envisioned before. Have a story to share? Contact Josh Rapoza at jrapoza@lean.org.

Lean Talks Volume 1:

Is Competition Good or Bad?
Lynn Kelley

Moving People Around as Key to Unlocking Financial Outcomes of Lean
Jean Cunningham

The Lean Marriage
Tracey and Ernie Richardson

Your Consultant Does Not Have the Answer
Mark Reich

100 startups in 100 days
Brant Cooper

Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn
Alice Lee and Eric Buehrens

Lean Transformation Starts with You
Jose Ferro

Your Customer is Not the Arbiter of Value
Jim Benson

Thinking Fast and Slow… and Lean
John Shook