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U.S. Lean Leadership Tours

No lean journey is a smooth one; it can be fraught with false starts and stops, misalignment, and misunderstandings. But it can be done, with proper leadership, commitment, and development. This means that going and seeing others on their own journeys can help you, as a leader, start to see what is possible for your company.

We have two U.S. Lean Leadership tours available, download information about each:

Go See, Ask Why, Show Respect

LEI has been providing tours of the US and Japan at carefully selected locations creating incredibly valuable learning experiences. We provide more than just the destination, each tour includes pre-tour webinars, a workshop, and a thought leader to guide you through the entire experience. 

There are a very limited number of seats available for each tour to maximize the experience for attendees.


Experience Lean Thinking at its Roots and at its Finest with our Executive Japan Lean Learning Tour

This is your opportunity to not just see lean at its roots, but experience it hands on with pioneers like Jim Womack and Mark Reich as your coaches and guides. Download a sample agenda of the week, 2020 dates to be announced soon.

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“I was so impressed. One of the most positive takeaways was interacting with people from different industries; people that I normally wouldn’t have interacted with. I really enjoyed the [Toyota] plant tour. Probably the most impactful time for me was in the huddle room; seeing where the plant president stands every morning at 8.30.”

-David Mannix, Alliance Radiology, senior director, performance excellence



"It was especially apparent when we went to Summit Polymers that you don’t need to have big, fancy, sophisticated computer systems … if you really build a robust process and you have people who really understand it well and live it and who do it day-in and day-out, that’s far more effective than just saying, “Oh, here’s software that’s going to solve our problems.”

- Bryan Quick, lean specialist, Ingredion Incorporated

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