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WEBINAR: How to Coach Past Resistance to Accelerate the Rate of Change

60-minute free webinar with Q&A, April 20, 2017, 2 PM, EDT  |  Time Zone Conversion

Learn why motivational interviewing, developed to treat people with non-chemical dependencies, can ween associates and manager off an “addiction to the status quo."

Every lean transformation has managers and associates who just won’t get on board. Many others appear to be complying with the new ways of working and behaving only to backslide to the old ways at the first chance.

Turns out, most people can’t change! They're “addicted” to the status quo, a non-chemical compulsion similar to addictions to running, watching TV, playing videogames, or using smart phones.

“Our research shows that about 25% of the population is open to examining and altering their assumptions to truly change behavior,” says Ron Oslin, lean coach and leadership therapist at Capital One Bank. “Approximately 75% of the population will exhibit the characteristics associated with addiction to the status quo.”

For them, efforts to persuade, reason, motivate, influence, sell, convince, cajole, or coach in the traditional ways actually increases resistance and lowers the rate of change. Traditional coaching methods just won’t work on most people.

In contrast, motivational interviewing, used by therapists and counselors, is about arranging conversations so people convince themselves to change, based on their own values and interests. Best of all, it works with and enhances your existing coaching techniques.

Join Ron In this 60-minute free webinar with Q&A, to learn how this valuable technique can make a more effective coach and leader. You’ll learn:

  • What “addiction to status quo” is and why it prevents true behavioral change
  • Why change agents and continuous improvement professional must alter their approaches to be more effective at changing behavior
  • The critical differences between true behavior change and “compliance” that will undermine any transformation
  • Why the “spirit” of motivational interviewing is even more important than its techniques
  • Success rates for motivational interviewing
  • Why it’s so important to “meet each person where they are” for behavior change to succeed
  • List of resources to continue learning
How to Coach Past Resistance to Accelerate the Rate of Change
with Ron Oslin
2:00 PM EDT
April 20, 2017
Time Zone Conversion
estimated duration: one hour

About the Presenter:

Ron Oslin
Ron Oslin
  • Lean Coach & Leadership Therapist, Capital One Bank
  • Senior Coach at onesystemonevoice.com
  • Applied lean in printing, healthcare, education, banking, manufacturing
  • Began process learning journey in 1982 as an intern with quality guru W. Edwards Deming