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Keynote Speaker Bio

James Herefors James Hereford

James Hereford is the chief operating officer at Stanford Hospital and Clinics, where he is responsible for all inpatient and ambulatory operations. He also has executive responsibility for Human Resources and other administrative functions.

Previously, he was chief operations officer at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, where he was responsible for operations serving over 800,000 people in the San Francisco Bay area. While there, he implemented a lean management system. He also was the lean champion charged with implementing the Group Health Management System while serving as executive vice president of the Group Health Care Delivery System in Seattle.

Hereford holds bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics from Montana State University and is a faculty member in the University of Washington's Master of Health Administration program. He also teaches in the Business Operations Excellence master's program at The Ohio State University.  He is a member of several local and national organizations and boards, including the Healthcare Value Leaders Network. He is the past chair of the Washington State Health Care Authority Health Information Infrastructure Board, and One Health Port, a health care security service located in Washington State.