close 2014 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit

Learning Session

Out With the Old: The Art of Planned Abandonment

Presenter: Rick Wartzman

In this session,  you will  learn Peter Drucker's concept of "planned abandonment" - that is, deciding what to stop doing – and come to understand why it is a catalyst to innovation and future growth.

"To call abandonment an 'opportunity' may come as a surprise," wrote Drucker, who was hailed by BusinessWeek as "the man who invented management" shortly before his death in 2005. "Yet planned, purposeful abandonment of the old and of the unrewarding is a prerequisite to successful pursuit of the new and highly promising." Working quickly beyond the theory, you  will then begin to identify specific products, services, policies and procedures that they can abandon – or at least put on "milking status" and stop devoting new resources toward – by using Drucker's "Business X-Ray."

  1. Explain Peter Drucker's "planned abandonment" – the concept of an organization determining how to fee up resources and focus on the new and highly promising
  2. Describe Drucker's "Business X-Ray," a framework that facilitates immediate implementation of planned abandonment in one's own organization