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Topic Title: 'We Will Just Leave It There Til We Need It' - Post 5S
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Created On: 08/14/2019 04:03 PM
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08/15/2019 11:57 AM
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Alonzo Mosley

Just did a Sort and Set in a remote area of the plant, on a high floor.

There's a big ol' piece of scaffolding equipment (disassembled, so it's actually a few pieces) that we red tagged - no one that works in the area remembers how it got there or when.

The maintenance manager just emailed us and said, "We'll just leave it there for when we need it."

Now, ordinarily, I'd say - Too bad. It's got to go.

BUT, again, to move it in or out requires a crane, a hoisting crew, etc - it is truly a PITA to move away.

BUT it's almost never used.

What is the "right" answer, here?
08/19/2019 04:30 PM
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Robert Simonis

The purpose of a red tag program is to get things not needed, or not needed there, out of area. If something is not used, at all, it should be disposed of, but many things are needed, but on an infrequent basis. Consider a series of rings around a work area with distance from the center determined by the frequency of use. Inside the first ring (less than 12 inches around my operator) I have those tools, jigs, gauges, etc, that they need every cycle. A second ring is further out and is for things that I need for the job, but infrequently. Perhaps a tool to calibrate a fixture, or test parts, or other things I need every couple hours or once a day. Further away are items that I need, but at an even more infrequent period. Maybe repair parts for the machine or a fixture for a service part we make a couple times a year. Since the scaffolding equipment is not in a production area and not interfering with repeatable work, and it is used, although infrequently, it is in exactly the right place.