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Topic Title: How Lean helps in fighting Covid-19
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Created On: 03/17/2020 06:21 AM
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03/17/2020 11:10 AM
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I am starting this topic to share with you our experience in our company, we make electronic PCB assembly from SMT to final assembly.
We have started by limiting our quality circles with people who are mandatories and removing the tables. Ground marking is put to spot each one standing position.
The task is more difficult for operators as we need to create some space between workers stations with layout modification without creating excessive motions.
I have also recomended the use of gloves to manipulate forklift and trolleys.
Janitoring team is reinforcing all the tasks related to desinfection in common spaces. 5S routine for operators are also update to include desinfection of common tools: soldering stations, keyboards, labels barcode readers.

I hope everyone is doing his best to fight this virus.
God bless you all.
03/23/2020 03:15 PM
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David Apple

Saber_Bouras - These are excellent ideas. You created a visual standard for social distancing and can immediately distinguish between on standard and off standard. From your ideas, is it easy to see that if you have no standards, it is difficult to implement when specs/regulations/standards are changed.
04/06/2020 01:23 PM
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Cameron McOmish

It's All About the Bubbles

Here at our cardboard plant we are taking the approach of keeping our people in their crew based bubbles with the minimum amount of interaction with any other staff. To do this we have divided the factory up into Separation Zones, these use hard barriers and or have been marked with either hazard tape or signage. Each zone is personnel capped at different levels depending on the needs of the zone (machine) and the ability of the team members to maintain the two metre social distancing whilst undertaking their duties. All staff have been briefed on the why Separation Zones are in use and the need to only enter a zone if they have an overriding work reason to do so. All support staff and leadership are only being permitted entry into a Separation Zone only if they must be physically present to assist a team, otherwise they are to use another method of contact e.g. radio, phone or just plain old fashioned yelling.

Another vital tool we have employed in the fight against COVID19 is tracking the movements of our people, this is key for tracing any infection. To do this tracking any time a person enters or leaves a Separation Zone it must be recorded. So for example when an operator arrives at work they record on their zone register the time they arrived and where they came from. If they leave their zone for any reason they record the time they left and where they are going to, and so they repeat this process when they get to a new zone. We have our registers on a 200 ltr blue ink drum at the entry/exit point for each zone. These Registration Points also have a guide and the Codes they must use when registering - we have also have hand sanitizer available at each point.

If anyone needs any help with the above please contact me
04/06/2020 01:25 PM
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Lory Moniz

LEI is experimenting with a Lean Community on slack to crowd-source ideas and resources to help solve problems brought on by #COVID-19. Join us and benefit from collaborative problem-solving: https://join.slack.com/t/leanc...~YY8GQQbSbLIftHR0NmkzA

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