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Topic Title: SELF KAIZEN case study: to be "lean" in 90 days !
Topic Summary: kaizen A3
Created On: 04/15/2012 10:23 AM
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04/15/2012 10:23 AM
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sam xia

Lean and kaizen are work for company ,value stream ,team and work for oneself too.
In past several years I use lean and kaizen to improve my work and life and built my own personal management system which I called it PM (such as TPS for Toyota).
With the help of my PM system I finished some kaizens .the follow is one of them which I finished in 90 days( from 01/01/2011 to 03/31/2012 ) to lose 29 lb weight successfully .
Ok , let me share the story ......

06/06/2012 10:18 AM
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Dave Kippen

Thats a great story Sam! Good work! Thanks for proving that a great methodology can make change in any process!
06/13/2012 10:31 AM
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Robert Drescher

Hi Sam

Most of what we do in Lean or for that matter most business improvement methods can be applied to our personal lives and can help us out there. In fact I am sure that Lean would have a greater effect in the business world if we would go beyond just teaching it in the context of the business environment.

If we would start helping our employees learn to apply Lean at home it would strengthen our Lean implementation at work. After all people bring there personal life habits (good and bad) to work with them. Expecting a disorganized person to manage to keep there work place organized is a pipe dream.

Additionally the better an empoyees home life becomes, the easier it is to show up at work and perform to their highest ability. When people have messed up personal live they cannot help bringing it with them to work.

Live Lean and Prosper
Robert Drescher
08/27/2012 01:23 PM
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Hemang Kelaiya

Sam, I must say that this is one of the best example of lean implementation in life. Please share your progress in your new target.
08/28/2012 04:25 PM
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Mike Wilson

This Slide show is one of the best examples I have seen to date great job. Keep up the great Kaizen work in your life and keep sharing
08/30/2012 03:35 PM
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Martin Boersema

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

It's great to see Lean transcend the business world into our daily lives. Some people don't like this encroachment (too much like work), but I thrive on it.
03/25/2013 10:08 AM
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sam xia

Hi, my friends, I had published a book to better share this story.
The book is in Kindle edition at www.amazon.com.
please search" The A3 method to lose weight" at www.amazon.com
or click the link below:
As a part of work, I've been trying to spread my organization Lean philosophy, including the A3 Lean tools which can help the organization to better fulfill its mission and vision faster. This process is not easy, but I still like my job, because I think that Lean can be help to the organization, to help each of us to eliminate waste and create value.
I want to promote Lean philosophy and A3 with the true story of lose weight in this book which many people are more familiar with and more concerned about. Hope more friends can be benefit so that the work and life of each of us can be more beautiful!
I don't think we can lose weight without effort. But I think we can achieve the target with minimum of effort. That's the value of this new method.
10/04/2013 03:06 PM
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Margaret Ann Lee-Harvison

Hi Sam! I tried to view your slides but it is no lionger available. Do you mind sharing an active link or a copy with me?

Thank you. My email address is: margaretann.lee-harvison@des.wa.gov
11/01/2013 05:01 PM
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Alex H


The word "Lean" works wonders here!
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