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Topic Title: Huddles and Improvement Huddles in Recovery Room?
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Created On: 05/10/2018 12:20 PM
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05/16/2018 10:52 AM
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Amanda Ror

I am looking for examples of how Managers can have daily huddles and weekly improvement huddles in the Recovery room because they say it is impossible to pull staff together all at once due to the nature of the work and the staggered shifts.
05/21/2018 09:15 AM
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Susanne Pejstrup

I am working with Lean on farms. They have staggered shifts too. Some take the meeting between two shifts, so some starts 15 minutes before or stay 15 minutes longer. Normally they have the meeting once a week. Another solution some take is one meeting to each shift. Then the manager or team leader ensure, that they is sharing of knowledge.
05/21/2018 09:15 AM
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Mark Graban

This is a challenge across hospitals, not just in the recovery room.

I've seen a few strategies with pros and cons for each:

1) Not have the huddle at a set time and call for it when it seems "slow" (relatively speaking)

2) Accept that not everybody can attend each day and publish notes / minutes

3) Use visual boards for improvement ideas so things can be communicated without everybody standing around

My advise would be to experiment with diffferent things, including your own ideas, to see what works best.

06/08/2018 08:19 AM
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Brian Mackey

While I have not set up a shift huddle in a PACU or recovery room, I have in EDs, Pre-op, etc. and the process works just fine.

I coach my departments (which mostly operate 12 hour shifts) to have huddles at 7a and 7p every day. The huddle should take place around a performance / visual management board. The huddle should include:

1) Performance of the previous day / shift
2) How we are progressing towards goals
3) What activities / initiatives / processes we must stay vigilant on this shift
4) Awareness announcements (e.g., high-risk patients)
5) Other (e.g., kudos, personal achievements, upcoming training)

This should all be accomplished in 5 - 10 minutes. So most departments huddle at 6:50a and 6:50p so they can hit the floor right at 7.

Hope this helps.
11/20/2018 12:29 PM
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Mark Welch

Impossible? My hunch would be that they don't want to huddle. They don't see the value in it and don't want to change "how they've always done things." I worked in hospitals for 10 years and saw a number of ORs, including recovery rooms, huddle at least once per day for no more than 7-10
minutes to review the upcoming day, how they were going to deal with it, key metrics and countermeasures, and small kaizens. Recommendation - search the web for good examples of hospital dept. huddles to show them, and have them lead them. Rotate huddle leadership - give them ownership - and make sure the huddle is meaningful in improving overall performance - the WIIFMs. They'll be more likely to buy in. Best of success to you with this! It can and has been done - well!
01/02/2019 11:08 AM
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Stephannie Baker

Yes, I totally agree. With time constraints and everything, there have to be adjustments done. We cannot remove huddles because it is very important to have it and discuss where everything is going and what everyone is working on. I guess even the post by Brian Mackey was well-written
01/08/2019 12:31 PM
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Kathryn Ward

Hi AmanadaRor,

I had that same comment made when I was trying to encourage Lean Daily Improvement. Finally the decision was made to make the true north for the Recovery room and OR to "Huddle Every Day". The concept is great that the whole hospital huddles at the same each day, but it is not realistic. Make it work for your organization. So these area's huddle daily but it is announced "huddle" and determined by the charges and the board runner. The important concept is that the staff know it is going to happen each day.
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