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Topic Title: Looking for Examples of Job Descriptions
Topic Summary: Continuous Improvement Manager
Created On: 05/02/2008 02:43 PM
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05/02/2008 02:45 PM
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Randy Swank

I am the General Manager of a company that has been somewhat embrassing Lean Manufacturing for a year now. We have done well but believe that we could do better. This in part to a void in leadership as it pertains to Lean.
I have been leading the charge along with Lean Engineers but I do not feel that this is enough, I believe that a higher level of team member is needed. Thus, I have selected to go down the route of a Continuous Improvement Manager.
My company is a Global company that is foreign owned therefore you have a lot of red tape to go through and one of those is a job desciption to justify the increase in salary that I am looking at.
My question to the group is; "does anyone have a sample job description for this position"? I want to avoid "reinventing the wheel" if I can.

Thank you for your time and suggestions in advance.
05/02/2008 04:29 PM
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Wendy Bates

Ours was as below:

The qualified candidate will lead the planning, direction, and coordination of manufacturing techniques and support justification for alternate methods to reduce costs. For example, conducting cycle time analysis to verify current/ future production rates and target potential improvements; work with production teams to improve working environment and product throughput; and most importantly raise the level of awareness for lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.
A degree is required (preferably in an engineering dicipline) along with practical experience. Experience with Toyota System, Kanbans, Kaizen, and similar continuous improvement programs is preferred. Good communication, computer proficiency, problem solving skills, and the ability to work in a 'team' environment, is essential. Travel is required.
05/09/2008 11:21 AM
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James Lambert

Email me at jlambert@uspipe.com. I will send a senior manager level job spec for my Continuous Improvement Manager.
05/09/2008 03:59 PM
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Gerald Davies

The attached file provides the information that I have used to fill the CI manager position. I also have a simpler "HR" compatible version.

Process Consultant Manager.pdf

Gerry Davies

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05/16/2008 08:54 AM
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Jay Michaels

I am the North American Lean Manager for a German owned, multi national company. Feel free to E-mail me, I can share not only the job descriptions, but also a lessons learned about structure. jay.michaels@zf.com
05/27/2008 11:16 AM
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Amber Parke

I too would greatly benefit from those willing to share their experience in effective corporate infrastructure and accompaniing descriptors. My name is Amber Carothers and my company, About Time, L.L.C., will celebrate two years of accomplishment in August. As a start up, we are currently at the stage where product sales and manufacturing needs demand immediate expansion of our core team, and as with all phases of corporate growth, the challenges will be more easily addressed with help from experienced professionals willing to share. Thank you in advance for time and efforts in helping me. If interested you can visit www.abouttimeaz.com or www.j-klipz.com to learn more and, I am of course available by e-mail: ac@abouttimeaz.com, or, phone: 480-250-0553. Thanks again!
06/05/2008 08:54 AM
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Jeanne Blake

Hello Gerry
I read your Process Consultant Manager job information. I've recently been promoted to Lean Enterprise Manager (a newly created position) for a high-mix, low-volume manufacturer. The scope is wide open at this point; the Process Consultant Manager description has many of the elements we'd like to include. Would you be so kind as to send me the simpler "HR" version of this job description?
Thanks so much.
Jeanne Blake
06/05/2008 08:54 AM
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Jim Fernandez

I am a Lean Manager. I just realized my company has no job description for my position. So, I took the liberty to modify a job description that I found on the internet.

Continuous Improvement, Lean Manager


We are seeking a Continuous Improvement Manager CI, Lean Expert and "change agent" to drive our Lean implementation and training efforts. The company motto is "Improvement comes from experience, experience comes from mistakes." The CI Manager will head up our business transformation plan which utilizes Lean tools and engages only a few employees in waste elimination and continuous improvement, and is a key element of our strategy for improvement and growth.

Reporting directly to the Executive Director of Business Systems (Fall Guy) , the role of the CI Manager will be critical to the success and in particular failure of the Lean transformation plan.


. Play a key role in the development of a centralized Continuous Improvement office in order to keep the customers convinced that the company is truly committed to Lean.
. Perform Gemba walks for all Supervisors and Managers.
. Provide leadership and guidance in the Lean transformation and take the blame when Lean can not be sustained.
. Provide necessary training for employees to support continuous improvement ideas that will be generated solely by management. Follow managements lead and convey their creed, "Those who can, do; those who can't, simulate."
. Direct the training of all company employees in Lean principles and help them understand that in Lean, as you approach the answers, the questions will begin to change
. Take direction from company accountants and assist them in the development of business cost cutting strategies, goals and plans. Forget the fact that 99% of accountants give the rest a bad name.
. Develop a new Toyota Production System and deploy it in the company's Europe and Asia subsidiaries.
. Implement value stream mapping and production cell evaluation and observe how nothing really changes.
. Provide direct facilitation for specific Lean events. Be prepared to be the only one interested in attending the event.
. Single-handedly create a Lean culture throughout the company in a manner that nobody will realize that it's happening. Must be able to form and communicate the wrong idea about reality until it becomes the truth.
. Provide direct consultation with the Lean leadership teams and somehow convince them to find waste throughout the company even though it's of no benefit to them.
. Create documentation that will advertise, and communicate imaginary Lean successes.
. Improve the train-the-trainer program through standardization of training materials, employing elements or Lean techniques. Be prepared to be the only teacher in the company.
. Teach the Japanese language to all company employees. Assist with the rollout and development of the Japanese language to our European and Asian subsidiaries.
. Develop and standardize forms and materials required for the Lean office. Work with the Office Manager to change everything in the office.
. Coordinate the development of an intranet site for storage, management and dissemination of Lean office and training materials. To do this you will need to develop a new custom programming language.
. Provide feedback to managers on employee performance in a matrix reporting environment. This simply means, tell the managers who is not going along with the Lean program.


Bachelor's degree in engineering or technology preferred. Experience with garbage truck operation in lieu of education may be considered. Five-plus years of experience in teaching Lean and implementation of Lean. You may substitute one year of experience with every one Lean Conference you have attended . Proven failures in Lean implementation is a plus. Excellent project management skills are not necessary, because Lean will run itself. Knowing a Lean Master or Sensei is preferred. Black Belt in Karate is preferred. Knowledge of Six-Sigma with application experience within operations is a negative.

Required Lean Knowledge: SMED; Standard Work; Kanban / Pull Systems; Peanut Butter Sandwiches; TPM; Kaizen; Kiasen; Kiezan; Keisan; Kiaizen; etc. Problem Solving / CEDAC; CIALIS; 5S; 6S; 7S; 8S and 346S; Visual Mismanagement; Value Stream Mapping; Value Stream Fishing; Continuous Flow / Cell Design; Hoshin Kanri; Hara-Kiri; Jidoka; Joke Telling; 3P; TPI; Midnight TP'ing.

Must demonstrate leadership skills and ability to influence and motivate others. Experience as a Bouncer is helpful. Have the ability to effectively present technical information to groups verbally and through written reports in order to confuse the staff at all levels within the organization. Must have the ability to never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Ability to imitate leadership of technical groups & cross-functional teams while driving results and losing the trust of management and team members. Have the ability to convince people that it's their day to win, even though with 5 billion people in the world, the odds are not good. This position requires a high energy level, bias for action, a passion for excellence and a complete disregard of reality.

Sorry for the inconvenience, this section is under construction.
06/09/2008 04:27 PM
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Eduardo Ramos Peña

Hi Gerry,

Great papers!!..thanks for sharing..

06/24/2010 04:31 PM
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Thomas Stamper II


I am also looking for examples of Lean Program documents. I work at Dassault Falcon Jet and we are in the process of initiating the lean program. Any examples of Lean Program Manager and Lean Agents responsibilities and procedures would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

06/24/2010 04:31 PM
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Robert Drescher


The info Gerald Davies give you is pretty close I would though make one major change in it.

Experienced at Change Management is essential, more than any other single factor the lack of Human Changement kills more Lean implementations than anything else. The technical tools are easy, most engineers and operations managers can readily adapt to them, but what kills most Lean attempts is the total lack of understanding the human side of what is going on. People kill Lean because Change is scary but, and it is a big one if you put into place a leader with human skills and the ability to present a better vision for the future people will embrace it.

About their team abilities remember they are the teams coach not a player, good coaches need to know when to let the players do their thing and when to tell them what to do. You are looking for someone that will respect those around them, and command the respect of those around them. The person needs to be a an understanding dictator, not a doormat. Remember Ohno was a demanding person, with very little tolerance for bad attitudes, but to people who delivered they knew he would give them their fair credit.

Try to find a long-time successful sports team that does not have one tough and demanding coach. Anyone can win an occasional game, but only well run teams win most of their games.

If you need more info you can email Robert @ ELSE Inc.
07/15/2011 09:52 AM
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Mrngorickets Mrngorickets


I agreed with you. Any way, your points of view make me thinking about some thing for my project.

Pls try to keep posting. Tks and best regards

Apart from that, you also can ref more resources at: http://railroadjobguide.info/r...ctor-job-description/

Best rgs
07/15/2011 09:52 AM
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Charlie Payne

Jim - great job with this job description. I've worked for that company before. :)
08/15/2011 01:45 PM
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John Terry


This topic help me a lot in developing my project. I will contribute more when I finished it.
08/30/2011 10:28 AM
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ngo colakyngo


Thanks for the insight. I look forward to reading more about your businesses!

If you want to get more materials that related to this topic, you can visit: Customer service director job description

Best regards.
11/18/2011 12:38 PM
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Jenny Ann

Tks for your useful link!
02/17/2012 12:30 PM
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tua022012 ngo

Thanks for your link. It's useful for our community.
Same material can be found at Production supervisor job description
I hope it's useful for you and you like it. Please continue sharing more information at this topic.
Best rgs!
10/01/2013 09:26 PM
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Lisa Arndt

I am looking for help with a job description for a production planner in a lean environment. Someone that would assist with the pull systems, monitor the replenishment and on time delivery to the customer, etc. Does anyone have a similar role in their organization that would be willing to share a job description?
08/03/2016 09:32 AM
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Jude Virajith

I wan to know The role of Lean Practitioner and lean Manager / Champion. my email adress is virajithj@esquel.com .
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