Lean Leadership Series
The challenges of leading and sustaining lean transformations.

The Good Jobs Strategy

Almost one in four American working adults has a job that pays less than a living wage. If companies were to offer better jobs, customers would have to pay more or companies would have to make less.

MIT Sloan Associate Professor Zeynep Ton makes the compelling case that even in low-cost settings, leaving employees behind—with bad jobs—is a choice, not a necessity.

5 Steps to Empowering Your Team
Empowering an entire team can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. You just need a good background understanding of empowerment and a simple, yet effective, model for making it happen. Andrew Quibell provides both in his newest sketches and animation, today on the Lean Post.
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3 Ways to Invest in Your Team – and Yourself

If you’re ready to invest in your future and your team’s, make plans today to attend these practical, in-depth training sessions at LEI in Cambridge, MA:

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Why don't you use plain English instead of confusing Japanese terms such as “monozukuri” or “hitozukuri”?
Michael Ballé Dear Gemba Coach, Why do you keep using confusing Japanese terms such as “monozukuri” or “hitozukuri” rather than plain English? Isn’t that what professionals do when they want to obfuscate and befuddle clients?
Summer Kata Video: Example Coaching Cycle

The five Coaching Kata questions are just the main headings for a coaching cycle, and prompts to help reveal how the learner is thinking — so the coach can give appropriate, situational feedback. This video includes clarifying questions, discussion, and feedback between the five Coaching Kata questions. Please excuse the poor audio.

“Do I have to be team leader for the rest of my life?"

At his talk at the Lean Transformation Summit earlier this year, Lantech CEO Jim Lancaster shared these words, expressing a Groundhog Day-like despair at having to solve the same problems on a daily basis ("Didn’t we do this yesterday?"). As he voiced his anguish, I looked out and saw a good 600 of the 660 listeners looking down at their feet in a shared response, his comment the awakening whap of a "Zen stick" inspiring each listener to reflect, "Yes, that’s me!" and ask, "If he can break the cycle, why can’t I?"

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Driving Down a Leaner, Greener Road? by Jim Womack

After a road trip from Boston to Philadelphia driving Toyota’s hydrogen fuel-cell Mirai, Jim reflects on lean and green and why the two are not necessarily the same.

How a Retailer's Distribution Center Exemplifies the Lean Precept "Respect for People," and Reaps the Benefits

To make sure training engaged and resonated with people after previous attempts at a lean transformation faltered, LifeWay matched lean management tools and principles to its Bible-based culture and language.

How to Use Book Clubs to Become Self-Reliant on Your Lean Journey

Get the support and expertise you need to be self-reliant – online and for free – with Michael Ballé, who has more than 20 years’ experience helping companies make lean management transformations and coaching the executives who lead them.

Lean Product & Process Development

Learn how companies are using Lean Product & Process Development (LPPD) to create a sustainable system for consistently delivering great products and profitable value streams.

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