A Series on Lean Leadership
The challenges of leading and sustaining lean transformations.
The Lean Dentist

In the newly updated, second edition of his book, Follow the Learner: The Lean Dentist, Dr. Sami Bahri describes how he and the staff in his dental practice transformed their work and their thinking from a traditional batch-and-queue approach to one focused directly on the needs of the patient.

Bringing Lean to Your Sales Team
LEI faculty member Brent Wahba discusses the importance of bringing lean into your sales department as well as where to start.
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Train to Sustain

These in-depth workshops sharpen critical skills supporting improvement and innovation:

Online Training - Managing Kaizen Events: Make sure your improvement events don't revert to "drive-by-kaizens" but deliver sustainable, measurable results linked to strategic or value-stream objectives. Oct 26 - Nov 3. Learn more »

Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata: Learn how repeatable patterns of thought and action – called kata in martial arts – help you and your team adopt the skill and mindset needed for innovation and daily improvement. At LEI, Dec. 6-8.Learn more »

Coaches Give Corrective Feedback

Why do Toyota managers coach their learners? This month's two-minute video from the Sentis Brain Animation series partially answers that question.

Your Computer – October 26 - November 3
Austin, TX – November 8-10
Cambridge, MA – December 6-8
Charleston, SC – January 31 - February 2
Florence, KY – February 7-10
Carlsbad, CA – March 5-6
What should I know about lean management that I won’t find in books?
Michael Ballé Dear Gemba Coach, I’m new to lean and reading all I can find about it, but is there something specific I need to look out for; is there something I should know that I won’t find in the books?
Bring Lean Learning In-House

Most of our 30+ workshops can be taught at your facility by our faculty of lean management professionals, who have years of experience implementing what they teach. Call 617-871-2900 for more information about tailoring on-site workshops to your specific needs.

New Story: Manufacturing Balancing Act: Pull Versus ERP

In this follow-up to our case study about Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing, the company needs warehouse space to keep pace with sales growth spurred by the lean transformation. Instead, it expands a pull system by connecting the plan-for-every-part database that underpins one-piece flow production with ERP, typically associated with big batch production.

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Dealing with Lean’s Crazy Relatives
by Jim Womack

The author reflects on how the legacy of Taylor and Ford still poses challenges to the lean movement, and why critics should move past a simplistic view of lean as mere standardization.

The Way to Lean

There is a natural path for you and your teams to follow in order improve your lean thinking and practice together. This way to lean was laid out over the trilogy of business novels written by Michael and Freddy Ballé – The Gold Mine, The Lean Manager,, and, most recently, Lead With Respect – all Shingo Research Award winners. Michael explains how to use the trilogy in your training.

Lean Product & Process Development

Learn how companies are using Lean Product & Process Development (LPPD) to create a sustainable system for consistently delivering great products and profitable value streams.

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