Lean Learning in Seattle April 10-13, 2018
We offer something for every step of the lean journey, from getting started, to leading your team, to managing your transformation.
June 18-20, 2018

Learn from leading lean product developers in a variety of industries at this important inaugural conference dedicated to lean product and process development.

You’ll leave with powerful and proven ways of engaging your extended enterprise in creating a new and better future.

Becoming My Own Gemba
Like me, thousands of people suffer from undiagnosed or more complex medical conditions that mimic other conditions. And my TPS training in a way of thinking about making things better helped me approach this condition in a productive manner.
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Introduction to Lean Thinking and Practice

Level set lean training for your team easily, quickly, and cost effectively.

Is kanban relevant to office work?
Michael Ballé Dear Gemba Coach,I understand that kanban is an important part of lean, but I work in an office environment, and it’s hard to see how production orders on cardboard cards relate to improving project management – what am I missing?
The Gold Mine Trilogy Set

The Gold Mine Trilogy Study Guide is designed to work through the books one chapter at a time. The material is structured to support a regular cadence of team discussions.

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Lean Training in Fundamental & Advanced Concepts

Come to our gemba at LEI’s office to sharpen critical skills. Enroll you and your team today!

    Lean Product & Process Development

    Learn how companies are using Lean Product & Process Development (LPPD) to create a sustainable system for consistently delivering great products and profitable value streams.

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    Official online publication of the Lean Global Network

    Womacks's Yokoten: In his first column of 2018, the author looks at one of the most talked about companies in the world, Tesla, from a lean point of view.

    Discover the Missing Piece to Lean Management Sustainability -- and Profitability

    Jim Lancaster, Lantech CEO, candidly describes what the erstwhile “kings of kaizen” did to revive a wilting continuous improvement effort – that quadrupled profits – by introducing a daily management system rooted in maintaining basic process stability and engaging people at all levels. Includes a bonus follow-up Q&A with Jim.

    Mindset and the Andon Cord

    When it comes to Andon, we like to talk about visual management, fast response, supporting employees, and other technical aspects. Yet a fundamental mindset underlying the Andon system may be an acceptance and even enjoyment of the unpredictable nature of everday life. With such a mindset it might actually seem odd to not have an Andon cord!

    In Partnership with the Isenberg School of Management
    Nashville, TN – March 28, 2018
    Seattle, WA – April 10-13, 2018
    Your Computer – April 17-25, 2018
    Cambridge, MA – April 17-19, 2018
    Cambridge, MA – April 24-27, 2018
    Cambridge, MA – May 8-11, 2018
    Cambridge, MA – May 15-17, 2018
    Spokane, WA – May 15-17, 2018
    Tamarac, FL – May 22-23, 2018
    Cambridge, MA – June 6-7, 2018
    Chicago, IL – June 12-13, 2018

    Experienced faculty deliver proven methodologies that can be practiced in all areas of healthcare organizations. These sessions are highly interactive and actionable, and cover topics for leaders with all levels of experience. Whether the organization is beginning to explore the lean methodology or is at a more mature stage, these workshops deliver concepts that challenge and help leaders grow in their development.

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    Traverse City, MI – June 18, 2018
    Cambridge, MA – July 17-19, 2018
    Cambridge, MA – September 11-13, 2018
    Cambridge, MA – October 16-18, 2018
    Cambridge, MA – November 6-9, 2018
    Cambridge, MA – December 4-6, 2018