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Thinking Fast and Slow and Lean with John Shook
On the 20th anniversary of Lean Thinking, John Shook delivered this Lean Talk on the principles the book introduced, how they developed over time, and the invaluable lessons the book still holds today. He also explores the concept of lean as a mindset and connects it to the models of thinking introduced by Daniel Kahneman in his book, "Thinking, Fast and Slow."… More »
Shook Addresses Current State of Lean Thinking After U.S-Turkey Tiff Compels Keynote Countermeasure
Indefatigable presenter John Shook quickly made this video as a countermeasure to being denied entry to Turkey, where he was scheduled to keynote an Istanbul conference.… More »
The "Dimensions" of Lean
In this exclusive interview from the 2017 Lean Transformation Summit, LEI Director of Education Karen Gaudet shares her own take on the ages-old question, "Why do so many lean transformations fail?"… More »
Ask Art: What sets lean accounting apart from traditional accounting?
"You can’t really become a lean enterprise without making the shift from traditional standard-cost accounting to lean (i.e. plain English) accounting," writes Art Byrne. Read more to learn why a lean accounting department is crucial to a complete organizational transformation.… More »
Why Yoda Was Wrong
Aspects of lean can be found almost anywhere - even in a galaxy far, far away. Inspired by a new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars film "Rogue One," Aaron Hunt uses a lean mindset to debunk a very famous quote from the original trilogy.… More »
CLean and Green: How SunPower Used Lean to Address Sustainability
After years of lean practice, solar-device manufacturer SunPower wanted something more. They wanted to continue their journey of continuous improvement and become a more sustainable company, like the the products they sold. Their approach didn't just involve lean - it incorporated a sustainable economy model, creating a hybrid approach that they called "CLean." Read more.… More »
Watch John Shook's Keynote at Lean Construction Institute's 17th Annual Congress!
This past October, LEI Chairman and CEO John Shook delivered a keynote at Lean Construction Institute's 17th Annual Congress in Boston, Massachusetts. Watch a full clip of John's talk and read key excerpts from his presentation here. Don't forget to let us know your thoughts in a comment.… More »
LEI's Lean Transformation Model Animated
Need a simple way of explaining lean thinking to your team? LEI has released a new animated video of how real lean change happens across five interrelated dimensions. Check out LEI's Lean Transformation Model to see if you're asking yourself and your team members the right questions.… More »
Experimenting with LEI's Transformation Model
Josh Howell, senior coach at LEI, reflects on LEI's Lean Transformation Model. "We set out to better understand the model, its value, and its usefulness," he writes. "We did this by trying to incorporate it into everything that we do and through experimenting with you, our customers."… More »
A Lean Transformation Model Everyone Can Use
John Shook explains LEI's Lean Transformation Model, offering 5 questions you'll want to think about and share with your team to guide your own lean transformation.… More »
Lean Transformation Model on Lean.org
Value-Stream Mapping in a Make-to-Order Environment
Tips from LEI author Mike Rother on applying value-stream mapping and continuous flow in high-variety, custom manufacturing environments.… More »
Donald Berwick: Curing the Healthcare System
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is a not for profit organization that is a leading figure in healthcare process improvement and innovation. This article and accompanying video interview… More »
Value-Stream Mapping
In a special article for SME's Manufacturing Enginering, Jim Womack, founder and chairman of the Lean Enterprise Institute, explains the purpose and process of  value-stream mapping with examples from… More »
Implementing Standardized Work at ThyssenKrupp in Brazil
A case study prepared by the Lean Enterprise Institute Brazil focuses on implementing standardized work at two work stations in a ThyssenKrupp, Brazil, auto parts plant. The article includes an overvi… More »
Robert Chapman, chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller
Listen to an audio of the complete conversation with Robert Chapman that was the basis for his interview in LEI's executive series on lean leadership. (Note: This is a large MP3 file. Allow time for d… More »
Nun and the Bureaucrat (Book & DVD), The
The remarkable story of how healthcare professionals found a powerful but unlikely cure for what ails hospitals and healthcare is clearly and invitingly told in The Nun and the Bureaucrat/Good News…Ho… More »
Webinar: How to Lead With Respect
How to Lead With Respect webinar featuring Michael Ballé… More »
Mapping your Work, Navigating Life: Personal Kanban
In this one-day immersive experience we will explore the impact of overload on both the individual and the team; politics and "work-arounds" that start quietly and quickly morph into unwritten rules; … More »
Strategy Deployment and Alignment through Hoshin
This workshop will help leaders understand Policy Deployment as a process for "de-selecting" initiatives down to the ones the organization can really achieve while aligning them with company strategic… More »
Toyota Culture
Toyota Culture examines the “human systems” that Toyota has put in place to instill its founding principles of trust, mutual prosperity, and excellence in its plants, dealerships, and offices around t… More »
LEI Workbook Set
A complete set of the LEI workbooks.… More »
Managing to Learn: Using the A3 management process
Managing to Learn by Toyota veteran John Shook, reveals the thinking underlying the A3 management process found at the heart of lean management and leadership. Constructed as a dialogue between a mana… More »
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