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Reflections on the 2017 Lean Transformation Summit
The main theme of the 2017 Lean Transformation Summit was "Managing to Create Problem Solvers" -- but LEI Business Editor Cam Ford spotted another, underlying theme throughout the presentations he attended. Read more to find out what it was and how can it help you create a problem solving culture in your organization.… More »
The Role of Strategic Design Events in Lean Healthcare: An Interview with Mindy Hangsleben
Faced with a new incoming healthcare policy, Mindy Hangsleben and her team at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services knew a transformation was needed. Their solution to learning what they needed to become involved a strategic design event incorporating both lean and design thinking to gain the input they needed to adapt to the new policy. Read more.… More »
You Decide: What Should We Live-Blog at the 2016 Lean Transformation Summit?
What do you want to see the Lean Post team live-blog at the Summit this week? Cast your vote here!… More »
Towards a More Perfect (i.e. Lean) Union
"Over the past few years, we have seen an upward trend in the number of government agencies and states beginning to explore and practice the “true” meaning of lean and lean transformation," writes Dr. Darlene Dumont. Learn why she suggests that the practitioners leading these efforts should network and share ideas amongst each other.… More »
Ron Pereira and Jim Morgan Discuss the Power of Lean Product and Process Development
Check out excerpts from Gemba Academy's podcast with Jim Morgan on core lean product and process development concepts, what makes "LPPD" different from traditional product development, and what the lean idea of "respect for people" really means.… More »
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Thinking Lean at Thedacare: Strategy Deployment (DVD)
This DVD illustrates ThedaCare’s strategy deployment method: how the true north metrics were developed and translated to different departments, and how leaders at all levels of the organization use … More »
Value-Stream Mapping for Manufacturing
Learn how to use this fundamental initial step in a lean transformation to create the "blueprints" for applying other tools and targeting kaizen events most effectively.… More »
Managing Kaizen Events
The workshop is comprised of instruction, discussion, gemba tales (a.k.a. war stories), as well as forensic review of recently completed kaizen events, and small group exercises around pre-event plann… More »
On the Mend (eBook)
Using the improvement model popularized by the Toyota Production System, ThedaCare arrived at lean healthcare and three organizing principles – focus on patients, value, and time – that are built upon… More »
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