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Your Consultant Doesn’t Have the Answers
Inspired by a true story from his tenure at the Toyota Production System Support Center, LEI Senior Coach Mark in a Lean Talks video explains a critical misconception about the roles of consultants and leaders.… More »
Ask Art: Why do you say the CEO needs to become a lean expert?
A key first step for any CEO leading a lean conversion is to call 1-800-lean-consultant to find an expert to train the VP of operations and keep the boss informed. While this makes perfect sense in traditional management thinking, lean thinking is virtually the exact opposite, writes former CEO Art Byrne. That’s why the CEO must become a lean expert to successfully lead the transformation. Here, Art describes how he came to deeply understand and lead lean transformations.… More »
Fixing Lean’s “Sales” Problem
When companies begin lean transformations, IT systems too often are viewed as obstacles. So, some lean thinkers may view Jacob Stoller, author of The Lean CEO, as having a checkered past. He used to sell IT systems. But the experience of selling to CEOs gave him a valuable skill that lean practitioners can borrow: how to sell to senior management. Here, perhaps as a way of making amends for his past life, he shares practical tips for selling lean.… More »
ASK ART: “Why do you say lean is all about people?”
Lean is all about people, says author and former CEO Art Byrne, who has been successfully turning around companies for over 20 years. That means leaders must transform the way people think and act so everyone sees waste and has the skills to remove it. Such an approach leads to faster growth, higher profits, better quality, and lower costs. Here, Art offers practical advice and examples for why senior leaders should spend their time growing people, not figuring out ways to get rid of them.… More »
"Too Busy to Walk the Gemba"
Chris Weisbrod of Catalysis explains why healthcare leaders often claim they're too busy to walk the gemba and shares a strategy for reversing that mindset.… More »
Ask Art: Why do you say the CEO needs to become a lean expert?
I realize that this is probably a shocking idea to most CEO’s since they are taught to manage in a traditional way—and are generally rewarded to do so.… More »
How Do You Know If You’ve Created a Meaningful Challenge?
"Have you ever issued what you thought was an inspiring challenge for your team, only to discover they were underwhelmed and far from motivated?" asks Mike Orzen. If so, you may have missed one of the core practices of leading with respect - creating a meaningful challenge. Read more.… More »
Executive Egress: Why Many Healthcare CEOs Distance Themselves from Lean Transformations. An Interview with Jack Bowhan
A troubling issue in lean healthcare that Jack Bowhan has seen too many times is a lack of CEO engagement during transformations. In his first piece for the Lean Post, Jack talks about this problem, its potential consequences and some solutions for lean practitioners in any industry,… More »
Just-in-Time Roundup: Great Lean Reads from Across the Web (Vol. 15)
Our editor's latest pics for great lean reads from across the web, this month from QualityDigest, IndustryWeek, and CIO.… More »
Small Batch: Hand-Picked Articles from the Global Lean Community (Vol. 6)
Our picks for the best high-impact learning stories and columns from Planet Lean.… More »
The Five Poisons of Big Company Disease
What's "big company disease"? The tendency of any large company to worry about clearly defined territories, rules and procedures, and integrated systems more than a passion for quality or the kaizen spirit. Michael Ballé explains.… More »
Do CEOs Matter?
Journalist Jacob Stoller sits down with LEI's own John Shook to discuss just how important the role and support of the CEO is in the success of a lean transformation.… More »
Ask Art: How Do I Get Senior Leadership On Board with Lean?
Lean transformations are rarely successful without the support and participation of senior leadership. Art Byrne, former CEO of Wiremold, shares his advice to lean practitioners who are having difficulty getting senior leaders engaged.… More »
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Lean Beyond Production
Read how Lean Thinkers, using the same lean tools that worked in production, now are making improvements and benefits off the plant floor, in environments as diverse as an insurance company, academia,… More »
The Beginner’s Guide To Lean
Dan Jones, chairman of the Lean Enterprise Academy and coauthor of Lean Thinking, explains that the challenge of lean is to advance beyond eliminating waste in broken processes to creating brilliant p… More »
The Value Stream Manager
Read about and discuss the role of this cross-functional manager.… More »
C.J. Buck, CEO of Buck Knives
When sales of a key product cratered, Buck Knives CEO C.J. Buck realized that he had to cut costs by 30% to stay in business. He moved the company from California to Idaho and lauched a lean transform… More »
An Approach to Lean Transformation
Lean transformations occur in few companies because the change process is complex. Without understanding the multifaceted organizational and human factors related to lean transformations, change is di… More »
Womack on Lean Management (DVD)
In this two-hour seminar recorded live, lean management thought leader James Womack explains how to manage and lead in a lean management system, the successor to obsolete “modern management” methods.… More »
Follow-up Q & A to the Webinar "Integrating Leader Standard Work with Visual Management Tools”
This webinar was one of our most popular and highly rated. From among the hundreds of questions that we received during the webinar, we selected those representing the most popular topics for a follow… More »
Improvement Kata / Coaching Kata
What is a Kata? A kata is a pattern you practice to learn a skill and mindset. Through practice the pattern of a kata becomes second nature - done with little conscious attention - and readily avail… More »
Continuous Improvement Using Personal Kanban
A simple, effective management system for digging out of work -- and staying dug out -- to achieve higher quality, better productivity, greater job satisfaction, and peace of mind.… More »
LEI Workbook Set
A complete set of the LEI workbooks.… More »
Mapping to See: Value-Stream Improvement Workshop
Mapping to See: Value-Stream Improvement for the Office and Services is a complete training solution created by some of the most seasoned veterans working in lean today. The value stream improvement p… More »
Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream
This workbook explains step-by-step a comprehensive, real-life implementation process for optimizing your entire fulfillment stream from raw materials to customers, including practical insights into t… More »