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Ask Art: Why Do I Need to Switch From Batch to Flow?
Moving from batch to flow reveals the waste in your processes and simplifies your work at a systems level, says Art Byrne. It creates simplicity, and a productive tension to deal with problems as they occur, as well as other strategic benefits.… More »
A Tool That Every High-Mix, Low-Volume Leader Needs to See
"High mix, low volume operations are a difficult concept to grasp," writes Greg Lane. But it doesn't have to be - with a few simple tools and concepts, you can handle the constant changes typical of a HMLV environment. Today, Lane shares one of his favorites.… More »
Ask Art: How One-Piece-Flow Supports Quality
"One-piece-flow is the key to quality improvements," writes Art Byrne. "In my experience it is pretty common to get a 10x or better gain in quality once you are in a one-piece-flow. This will occur naturally and is something that you get for free." Find out how this works in Art's latest piece.… More »
Apples & Oranges: Value Stream Mapping in a Low-Volume/High-Mix Environment
"Making improvements using lean principles in a low volume/high mix (LVHM) manufacturing environment can be difficult, especially when trying to determine where to start," writes Aaron Hunt in his first Lean Post article. But it's not impossible. Here's how Aaron mapped the complex value streams at his LVHM organization and opened the doors to next-level productivity.… More »
My Lean Journey: The 5Ss
Do you remember the first time you realized the true potential of lean in improving work output? Lean newcomer Cam Ford does - here's his story of the very first lean concept he ever used and how it helped him almost from Day 1.… More »
Turn on the Spigot: Create Flow in R&D
"Flow in R&D is as critical as in manufacturing," writes Terry Barnhart. "It is a little more difficult to see, which is why your company, if you create R&D flow, will begin to put on the market more innovative products and processes than your competitors."… More »
Value Stream Maps and Battle Plans - Are They Worth Nothing?
“I’m reluctant to say maps are nothing, but there’s a difference between maps and mapping," Judy Worth says, paraphrasing Eisenhower’s insight that battle plans meant nothing, but PLANNING for battle was indispensable. “An awful lot of lot of the benefit that comes out of value-stream maps comes from the process of mapping with other people."… More »
Teaching Lean Concepts to Future STEM Professionals in New Philadelphia Ohio
Joe Pry, Intro to Engineering teacher at New Philadelphia High School in Ohio, is bringing lean training for STEM professions to his students with a grant from the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio. Here's a story of four organizations working together to teach lean engineering concepts and connect students with manufacturing and engineering jobs in their communities.… More »
The Problem with Batch Logic
Enterprise Resource Planning processes use economic order quantities (=EOQ), also known as batch logic, to calculate what is required. This is not compatible with Lean. In his first piece for the Post, lean author and coach Ian Glenday gives us three reasons why.… More »
A Connecticut Yankee Machinist in Toyoda’s Castle
“Culture matters,” John Shook tells us in his post about Charles A. Francis, an American who worked for Toyota group founder Sakichi Toyoda in the early 1900s, “but never let stereotypical views of national character be used as an excuse to not do the right thing.” Read this remarkable story of a missing piece to the larger story of continuous innovation in process technology between the United States and Japan over the past 150 years.… More »
Book Value: Jim Womack on Ford Methods and Ford Shops
Jim Womack, author of Lean Thinking and founder of The Lean Enterprise Institute, reflects on one of the books that greatly influenced his thinking.… More »
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Value-Stream Mapping in a Make-to-Order Environment
Tips from LEI author Mike Rother on applying value-stream mapping and continuous flow in high-variety, custom manufacturing environments.… More »
Cut the Fat in Your Shop With Lean Manufacturing
This issue of Cast Polymer Connection magazine has basic information about lean concepts, but with a spin on how make-to-order shops apply them. Reprinted with permission. For more information, visit … More »
Don’t Be Fooled by Fake Flow
Lean Enterprise Institute Author Rick Harris shares his insights for spotting "fake flow" and replacing it with real continuous flow. Reprinted with permission from December 2001 IIE Solutions magazin… More »
Mapping your Work, Navigating Life: Personal Kanban
In this one-day immersive experience we will explore the impact of overload on both the individual and the team; politics and "work-arounds" that start quietly and quickly morph into unwritten rules; … More »
Value-Stream Mapping for Manufacturing
Learn how to use this fundamental initial step in a lean transformation to create the "blueprints" for applying other tools and targeting kaizen events most effectively.… More »
Creating Lean Dealers
Car manufacturing has been transformed by Lean over the last 20 years yet car dealerships have remained virtually untouched by Lean. Now that’s changing. Dealerships experimenting with Lean have exper… More »
Breaking Through to Flow
This is a pathway that helps people make a fundamental change in their thinking and working that is at the heart of lean - moving from batch to flow logic. The Sieve helps to identify the right value … More »
Creating Continuous Flow
This workbook explains in simple, step-by-step terms how to introduce and sustain lean flows of material and information in pacemaker cells and lines, a prerequisite for achieving a lean value stream.… More »
Book Value: Jim Womack on Ford Methods and Ford Shops
Jim Womack, author of Lean Thinking and founder of The Lean Enterprise Institute, reflects on one of the books that greatly influenced his thinking.… More »
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