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Postcard from Nashville
John Shook looks back at the key theme of LEI's Nashville summit on the theme of how to be better employees.… More »
A More Prepared Coach
"Many coaching situations we enter...with so little knowledge about the situation and how things work," writes Josh Howell. "Instead we rely on our wits and our ability to “ask effective questions.'" But neither wits nor questioning skills will guarantee a productive coaching session if you haven't taken time to prepare yourself. Read more.… More »
Using TWI Job Instruction to Supplement CDC Guidelines
"Healthcare organizations across the country have been implementing lean practice into their work, but not without some resistance," writes Patrick Graupp. One thing fighting the Ebola virus reminds us is the "reality that much of the work in healthcare can and should follow standard practice," Graupp says. Read more.… More »
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Lean Thinking for the Office
Unfortunately, attempts to apply lean principles in service organizations or to administrative processes in manufacturing companies often fall short of complete success. Key reasons for these shortcom… More »
Value Stream Mapping for Job Shops
Professor Irani discusses product family matrix analysis for value-stream mapping… More »
Cut the Fat in Your Shop With Lean Manufacturing
This issue of Cast Polymer Connection magazine has basic information about lean concepts, but with a spin on how make-to-order shops apply them. Reprinted with permission. For more information, visit … More »
Continuous Improvement Using Personal Kanban
A simple, effective management system for digging out of work -- and staying dug out -- to achieve higher quality, better productivity, greater job satisfaction, and peace of mind.… More »
Kaizen: the Culture of Continuous Improvement
This workshop is an introduction to the Kaizen Teian or Kaizen methodology which promotes the sustainable continuous improvement as a daily way of life for every member within the organization. The cl… More »
Creating Continuous Flow (eBook)
This workbook explains in simple, step-by-step terms how to introduce and sustain lean flows of material and information in pacemaker cells and lines, a prerequisite for achieving a lean value stream.… More »
Creating Lean Dealers
Car manufacturing has been transformed by Lean over the last 20 years yet car dealerships have remained virtually untouched by Lean. Now that’s changing. Dealerships experimenting with Lean have exper… More »
Made-to-Order Lean
Toyota Production System methods have rendered remarkable results in high-volume manufacturing plants, but they have not been fully understood and correctly applied in high-mix, low-volume environment… More »