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The Art of Work
A visit to the Grohmann Museum helped remind Jean Cunningham that when done correctly and consistently, lean starts to reconnect people to work and work to people. Using lean principles and tools helps recreate worker ownership of the work, connection to the customer need, and value creation.… More »
Five Tips on Lean Coaching
In advance of next week's coaching summit, here are some key coaching tips culled from content written by some of the presenters.… More »
Learning and Teaching Lean with Tracey and Ernie Richardson on the Lean Podcast WLEI
Hear Tracey and Ernie share how they learned lean while working together on our new podcast WLEI… More »
Master the Meaning of "Giri"
"Giri" represents the profound obligation of the student has toward their teacher, the apprentice to the journeyman or the child to the parent, writes Jim Morgan. He thanks his own mentors and emphasizes the obligation that comes with the deep understanding that whatever you have accomplished in life, you have not really done on their own.… More »
Becoming My Own Gemba
Like me, thousands of people suffer from undiagnosed or more complex medical conditions that mimic other conditions. And my TPS training in a way of thinking about making things better helped me approach this condition in a productive manner.… More »
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Interview: Lean Software Development
Lean software practitioners Mary and Tom Poppendieck, authors of Lean Software Development,  relate lean concepts to the practical work of software development in this video at InfoQ, a web site devot… More »
Lean on Campus: Lean Education Academic Network (LEAN) to Advance Lean in Academia
Educators have been playing hooky from the lean movement -- until now. The Lean Enterprise Institute has joined with professors who want to incorporate lean thinking into curricula to form LEAN, the L… More »
Role of Management in a Lean Manufacturing Environment
Gary Convis, president, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, explains that the critical role of management in a lean company is to motivate and engage large numbers of people to work together toward a… More »
A Factory of One: Applying Lean Thinking to Improve Your Personal Performance
As lean moves out of the "tool age," leaders—managers, directors, executives— must invest more time in the critical work of lean leadership: going to the gemba to support value creators in their impro… More »
A Factory of One: Applying Lean Thinking to Improve Your Personal Performance (Online Webcast)
This workshop will help leaders understand how three lean concepts – standard work, flow and visual management - can be applied to the gemba of an individual knowledge worker to make communication mor… More »
Lean Lexicon 5th Edition (eBook)
The fifth edition of the Lexicon, first published in January 2003, is 140 pages, containing 60+ illustrations and 207 key terms from A3 Report to Yokoten. The Lexicon already covers such key lean ente… More »