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Going Beyond Low-Cost Obsession with "Women Go Beyond"
Hear the chairman and co-founder of an apparel manufacturer with global operations explain how and why it invests in its largely female workforce while also dealing with the challenges of a highly competitive industry obsessed with low-cost operations.… More »
Out of Fertile "Pre-Lean" Soil Bloom Lean Leaders
A new generation of leaders varies in individual styles but shares common beliefs that create a foundation for successful lean transformations, collectively identified here as “pre-lean thinking.”… More »
Be a Better Coach; Learn to “Force” Reflection Part 2: Forcing Managers and Execs to Reflect
Most of the people on your team don’t learn from practicing continuous improvement. The reason is that their brains are programmed by nature to skip the most important part of the PDCA method– reflection. It’s so important that you have to “force” people to reflect, according to David Verble, who learned to coach as a Toyota HR manager. In this two-part story, he shows you want to do and what to say to force reflection.… More »
Fixing Lean’s “Sales” Problem
When companies begin lean transformations, IT systems too often are viewed as obstacles. So, some lean thinkers may view Jacob Stoller, author of The Lean CEO, as having a checkered past. He used to sell IT systems. But the experience of selling to CEOs gave him a valuable skill that lean practitioners can borrow: how to sell to senior management. Here, perhaps as a way of making amends for his past life, he shares practical tips for selling lean.… More »
senior leadership on Lean.org
Leadership Q&A: Robert Chapman, chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc: “Guiding Principles of Leadership”
From the LEI senior executive series on Lean Leadership: CEO Robert Chapman describes how the company's Guiding Principles of Leadership merge with lean thinking at this $1.1 billion global manufactu… More »
Hank McHale, manufacturing CEO
LEI talks to former manufacturing CEO Hank McHale as part of a series on the challenges of leadership during lean transformations. McHale, who served as CEO of Ladish Company, GO/DAN Industries, Trans… More »
Leadership Q&A: Chris Vogel, senior vice president, Wells Fargo Home and Consumer Finance
From the LEI senior executive series on lean leadership: When the Federal Reserve entered a period of continually lowering interest rates to keep the economy afloat after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, … More »
Leadership Q&A: Chris Vogel, senior vice president, Wells Fargo Home and Consumer Finance
From the LEI senior executive series on lean leadership: Listen to a conversation with Chris Vogel based on the above interview. (Note: This is a large audio file. Allow time for downloading.)… More »
Leadership Q&A: Joel Zeller, director of logistics for Polaris Industries and Robert Martichenko, LEI faculty member, author of Building the Lean Fulfillment Stream
From the LEI senior executive series on Lean Leadership: Robert Martichenko, LEI faculty member, co-author of Building the Lean Fulfillment Stream, and Joel Zeller, director of logistics for Polaris … More »
Lean Leadership: Through the Transformation and Beyond
The purpose of this interactive one-day program is to facilitate a discussion with senior leaders about the challenges and obstacles they face implementing change relative to the lean transformation. … More »
Transformational Leadership: An Experiential Program for Lean Leaders
This 2.5-day executive program uses experiential methodology to uncover the thinking that drives leaders’ behaviors. The program engages you in a realistic business simulation followed by a series of … More »
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