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Just-in-Time Roundup: Great Lean Reads from Across the Web (Vol. 11)

by Lean Leaper
October 7, 2015

Just-in-Time Roundup: Great Lean Reads from Across the Web (Vol. 11)

by Lean Leaper
October 7, 2015 | Comments (0)

Take a look below for some of our favorite recent lean articles from around the web. Do you have any favorites to share? Leave us a link in a comment!

Building Accountability to Drive Continuous Improvement” by Doug Wallace in IndustryWeek

“The ultimate success of any change initiative lies in holding everyone accountable for doing their part in implementing the technical solution,” writes Doug Wallace. “Early adopters will most likely be self motivated to do whatever they need to do…Resisters -- both active and passive -- often pose the largest impediment to the success of organizational change, and along with that the biggest challenge to front-line leadership.”

Being Wrong Can Be the Best Thing to Happen to You” by Allison Stadd for 99u

Why are so many people afraid of being wrong? If you’re one of those people, it’s time to get over that fear and get the wheels of kaizen turning. Allison Stadd explains why being wrong can be a blessing, not a curse.

5 Ways the 'Lean' Approach Can Help Your Startup Grow” by Henry Oakes in Entrepreneur

“The lean method moves beyond favourable opinions and towards gathering valuable, usable evidence,” says Henry Oakes. “Using it enabled us to truly observe the effects of our product, seeing it in action and recording exactly how it was being received externally. This approach allows you to measure what works and what doesn’t.” Check out the full article for more ways lean thinking helped him build and grow his startup.

Focus on the Process Instead of the Final Product” by Stephanie Kaptein of 99u

Do you have a “fixed mindset” or a “growth mindset?” You’ll need the latter if you want to actively conduct a lean transformation. If you have a fixed mindset, Stephanie Kapstein has a suggestion for changing it.

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