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Changing High School Culture with Lean Coaching

by Tony Lamberton
April 20, 2017

Changing High School Culture with Lean Coaching

by Tony Lamberton
April 20, 2017 | Comments (0)

Nearly eight years ago, headteacher Tony Lamberton of Christleton High School was struggling with a dismal review from the UK’s Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted). After reading and studying The Toyota Way, he launched an initiative to bring something brand new into his school’s operations: lean coaching.

The journey brought about its fair share of challenges for Lamberton and his team, as all lean transformations do. But ultimately what emerged was a new and improved Christleton, with a fully revamped student services department based on pull and a new culture devoted to listening, embracing feedback, and looking at data with an open mind. This model won acclaim by Ofsted and even attracted notice from Prime Minister David Cameron and Minister for Culture and Business Sajid Javed.

Take a look at this video of Lamberton’s keynote at the 2016 Lean Coaching Summit and hear his story. You’ll learn:

  • How recognizing pull versus push in an educational context became their True North
  • The mindset changes that helped staff view performance metrics with a more unbiased and open mentality
  • How they learned to better embrace feedback, both positive and negative
  • The definition of “mudagement” and how this concept helped them
  • How their existing management model was literally turned upside down to enable better problem solving
  • And more

And as you watch, don’t forget to keep in mind Lamberton’s request to the audience: “Reflect on who you influence, and who influences you.”


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