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Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn

by Eric Buehrens & Alice Lee
January 18, 2018

Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn

by Eric Buehrens & Alice Lee
January 18, 2018 | Comments (2)

Eric Buehrens, LEI CEO, describes how his personal transformation into a lean leader advanced a crucial organizational transformation of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where he and Alice Lee, LEI executive director, worked together for five years.

In a candid 2017 Lean Talks session, Eric describes being hired as COO of the 100-year-old academic medical center right after it had survived a dire financial crisis.

“One of the things I decided when I got there was that if I tried to act like I had all the answers I’d probably embarrass myself,” Eric recalls. As an executive on the medical school side of the medical center, he knew he had a lot to learn about the hospital operations side. The challenge was how to go about learning.

You’ll hear: why Alice decided to have Eric learn, not in a classroom, but by visiting hospital departments; the “uncomfortable” first visits; a skeptical doctor’s reaction to shop-floor learning; reaching a crossroad for kaizen in a central sterilization unit; and much more.


  • :59 - “I’m getting fired.”
  • 1:33 - “Bleeding money from every pore.”
  • 3:24 - A lot to learn.
  • 3:54 - High anxiety gemba walks.
  • 4:48 - “The shop floor is a reflection of management.”
  • 5:39 – Senior leader training begins; “waste of time.”
  • 8:15 - Why shop floors make executives uncomfortable.
  • 10:34 - Finally getting traction with kaizen.
  • 13:10 - Big boss said “sorry.”

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Gerry Cronin February 12, 2018
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Courage, humble tenacity and open-minded listenting on the floor transformed an important institution and saved lives.  Very inspirational.


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adv ydv July 20, 2018

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