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9 Tips for Better Design Reviews

by Lean Leaper
April 13, 2018

9 Tips for Better Design Reviews

by Lean Leaper
April 13, 2018 | Comments (1)

Design reviews play a crucial role in product and process development. As noted by Katrina Appell in Better Design Reviews, Better Products they can “enable knowledge sharing across an organization and prevent the same mistakes from happening across different groups.” Recently the lean product and process development team created a helpful graphic, based on material from Jim Morgan’s The Crucible of Innovation, focused on 9 key guidelines to help you on this work. Here it is.

9 Tips to Better Design Reviews

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Ashton Mullens August 08, 2018

The perspectives described in the video https://www.exploratorium.edu/video/crucible-innovation The Crucible of Innovation  are indeed what we are looking for. In fact, many technologies in design are never used to the fullest. Take the tools and tips for amateurs and professionals and they are pretty much the same. As I recorded tutorials for students at http://essayforcollege.org Design community, there should be at least 2-3 reviews by the end of the month.

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