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Thoughts on Digitization, Work, and Continuous Improvement

by John Drogosz
October 4, 2018

Thoughts on Digitization, Work, and Continuous Improvement

by John Drogosz
October 4, 2018 | Comments (0)

One of the best attended sessions at a recent lean management conference was a panel discussion exploring the intersection of lean management and digitization. After the discussion, we caught up with panelist John Drogosz, a lean product and process development coach with experience in a variety of industries. In this interview, he explores:  

  • What impact new levels of automation, data collection, and robotics will have on problem solving and developing people.
  • What effects digitization may have on the nature of work;
  • How the methods companies use to develop people may change in the future.
  • What impact digitization may have on how we understand work in service and production settings.
  • What increased computing power and data collection could mean for problem solving.
  • What other lean practitioners think about digitization’s impact.

Watch the interview of John sharing his thoughts and issues on the minds of the audience at the panel discussion, then take advantage of the Early Registration Discount to save hundreds on registration for the 2019 Designing the Future Summit: https://www.lean.org/designfuture2019.  Discount expires October 31.

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