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Quite often LEI is contacted by people asking "Who's doing lean in my area?" and "Can you connect me to someone practicing lean in my industry?" While we do our best to help, privacy issues and the sheer size of the lean community makes this remarkably difficult. We have looked at options to solve this problem and have developed the Lean Message Center, where LEI users, like yourself, can find and communicate with each other.

As a participant in this service, you will be able to search for other participants and contact each other via messages on lean.org. You can search by Sector, Country, Last Name, and Area(s) of Interest.

The messages you receive from other participants will appear in your private section of lean.org. Essentially, this is similar to a simplified Facebook or Linked-In after a one-time registration.

This is a free service that you must "opt-in" to use. By choosing to participate in this service you are agreeing to be searched for and contacted by other participants in this service via the lean.org website. While your name, location, and are visible to other Connection Center participants, your email address is never displayed.

Joining the Lean Enterprise Institute's online Lean Community is quick, secure, and valuable. You get:

  • Use of the Connection Center for networking or benchmarking with fellow Lean Thinkers
  • Entry to a range of Forums where you can ask questions or help others
  • First notice about LEI events, webinars, and new learning materials
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