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Lean Road Maps

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Need help deciding what workshop to attend or what book has the lean knowledge you need? Use the Lean Enterprise Institute's Lean Road Map System to identify the workshops, books, and events that will help you and your organization continuously improve.

On the next page (after clicking on the "Create a Personalized Road Map" button), just select the concepts you want to learn about based on your role, industry, level of expertise, and your company's (or your) phase in its lean transformation. The Lean Road Map System will return a customized road map that you can use as a learning plan to help supplement your lean learning at the "gemba".

Your map is completely flexible. You can add or remove concepts at any time. As you register for workshops or purchase books, the map will automatically update itself to reflect your progress. You can even email your map to colleagues to show them where you are on your journey or to suggest a path of study. (The Lean Road Map does not represent certification. LEI believes that lean is best learned through practice on the "gemba" whether it is in an office or factory.)

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