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WLEI: Becoming the Change with John Toussaint and Kim Barnas
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | September 28, 2020
Lean has always promised great improvements for health care providers, but has there been a personal element that has been lacking to date? In this episode of WLEI, two healthcare giants, Kim Barnas and John Toussaint, will share a key insight from their new book Becoming the Change: they argue that personal transformation on the part of healthcare leaders plays a vital role in broader organizational change. Listen in for insights and advice on how to help your lean effort.  You can download a complete transcript of the conversation here: https://www.  lean.  org/Search/Documents/596.  pdf  More »
WLEI: Tapping Technology to Boost the Power of Lean: A Talk with Jeff Liker and Jim Morgan
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | August 24, 2020
Industry 4.  0 is not a disruptive force that makes TPS irrelevant, but rather can be an enabler that builds on lean culture and thinking.   What principles should lean companies prioritize as they introduce digital tools into their work? Lean thinkers Jeff Liker and Jim Morgan start with the basics of people, processes, and purpose. Listen in to their thoughts as they discuss the TPS-Industry 4.  0 mashup with Host Tom Ehrenfeld in this latest episode of WLEI.    You can read and download a complete transcript of the conversation here.      More »
WLEI: 5 Guiding Principles for Tailoring a Path to Lean Transformation
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | July 27, 2020
Over the past five years, the Lean Global Network’s Lean Healthcare Initiative has carried out extensive research in eight hospitals across five countries, and recently published the white paper, "5 Guiding Principles to Transform Healthcare.  " In this podcast, LEI Senior Coach and white paper co-author Alice Lee shares insights into the research conducted by this group of “tailors” (individuals who saw patterns and helped identify how to apply them). She expands on the five guiding principles they developed and explains how these insights were gleaned from healthcare organizations. The principles provide guidance for any chief architect in any organization looking for traction with More »
WLEI: How to Develop Emotional Agility At Work: A Conversation with Susan David
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | June 22, 2020
Regardless of how well you track tangible metrics in your workplace, neglecting underlying emotions has enduring costs, says Susan David, author of the best-selling book Emotional Agility. Many performance gaps are partly caused by human factors—underlying conditions that don’t necessarily show up on Pareto charts, yet have as much relevance and bearing on business outcomes as other common gaps that are identified as problems to address.   Join this WLEI podcast for a wide-ranging conversation about the need to acknowledge and “manage” emotions as a means of developing broader agility for your work team.     More »
WLEI: How Will Lean Shape the Post-Covid World?
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | May 25, 2020
What will the world look like when Covid-19 recedes, and what role will Lean play? According to Lean Pioneer Dan Jones, Lean can play a key role in shaping the emerging economy in numerous ways—not simply boosting performance of legacy assets of mass production, but also helping to scale up new technologies much faster through several generations with user feedback. “Most significantly, it can mobilize the creative contribution of everyone, including users, to develop very different and sustainable systems for the futures” says Dan.  Tune in to this conversation between Dan and WLEI Podcast Host Tom Ehrenfeld for a chat More »
WLEI: Practicing Steady Work for Lean Value with Karen Gaudet
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | April 27, 2020
"What is the role of a lean leader, and what is the humbling daily work that goes into this task? How can one humbly assume the very ambitious role of leading others in earnest lean practice? And how does one prepare for heroic actions by creating a steady cadence of productive daily habits? These are the types of questions explored by Karen Gaudet in her new LEI book titled Steady Work. Tune in to her podcast with Tom Ehrenfeld here.  "  More »
WLEI: Preventing Problems by Thinking Upstream: A Talk with Author Dan Heath
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | March 23, 2020
“We should shift more of our energies upstream personally, organizationally, nationally, and globally. We can and we should stop dealing with the symptoms of problems again and again, and start fixing them.  " So writes author Dan Heath in his terrific new book Upstream: The Quest to Solve Problems Before They Happen, which has just been published.    This conversation between LEI editor Tom Ehrenfeld and Dan explores the practical applications of the upstream mindset, and; given the timing, explores how upstream thinking is all the more relevant in our current pandemic.    More »
WLEI: Why You Need A Product Focus for Enterprise Transformation
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | March 16, 2020
In his talk from the 2018 Designing the Future summit, former Rivian COO and LEI Senior Advisor Jim Morgan discusses how Lean Product and Process Development (LPPD) serves as an enterprise activity that can engage the entire organization and improve operations and growth. LPPD's principles and practices will result in better products, argues Morgan, who shares the following key ideas:People firstUnderstand—then executeDesign new value streamsCreate a framework of successConstantly learn and improveEstablish an effective management systemDownload a transcript of this talk here.  Read more from Jim by checking his previous articles:Creating New Value and A Lesson in FundamentalsAre You Building More »
WLEI: Lean in the Time of Coronavirus
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | March 9, 2020
In times of crisis, lean offers a stable approach to healthy work. Furthermore, as Jim Womack notes in this podcast with Tom Ehrenfeld, foundational lean practices such as just-in-time supply chains are not—and have never been—liabilities in a time such as today’s coronavirus outbreak. Misguided stories about the woes of JIT are as misguided today as they were when they appeared during avian flu, SARS, and other legitimate medical events that required large supplies of emergency goods. Womack also talks about the lessons to be found in Karen Gaudet’s book Steady Work as they relate to having a stable work environment that More »
WLEI: On the Job with Tom Root, Managing Partner of Zingerman's Mail Order
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | March 2, 2020
Spoiler alert! The food you just ate is not fresh. It was "sourced" longer ago than you'd imagine. And since that time, it's been handled in batch after batch. The same can be said for many lean transformations - one batch of improvement activity after another. Zingerman's Mail Order has been reducing batch sizes for 15 years, acting as a sort of "model line" for the entire food industry. Tom Root and Josh Howell discuss ZMO's lean transformation and their many lessons learned, searching for useful takeaways for you the listener.    More »
WLEI: 35. Designing the Future: A WLEI Podcast with Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe and former COO Jim Morgan
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | February 17, 2020
If you do not yet know the company Rivian you will undoubtedly know it very soon.  In 2019 Rivian made waves in the auto industry by announcing two “electricadventure vehicles”, the R1T – an electric pickup truck - and the R1S - an electricSUV. Both vehicles are expected to launch in the United States later thisyear and globally in 2021. Rivian is also developing a fleet of electric deliveryvans to fulfill a 100,000-unit order placed by Amazon. In the last twelvemonths the electric vehicle company has raised 3 billion dollars.  Listen in to hear how R.  J. and Jim are bringing this vision to life.  More »
WLEI: 34. What’s the Problem: Andrew Lingel Discusses Transforming a Family Business through Knowledge, Grit, and Outrage
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | February 10, 2020
Andrew Lingel, President of United Plastic Fabricating, discusses leading lean transformation of a family business through knowledge, grit, and outrage.  Learn more:Learn more about UPF's transformation at the 2020 Lean Summit, April 6-7 in Carlsbad, CA.  Download the PDF transcript for this episode. More »
WLEI: 33. On the Job with Ron Kelner, President and COO of the Deublin Company
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | February 3, 2020
Ron describes the Deublin Company's business system built with lean thinking that puts human development at the center.  Learn more about Deublin's Lean Transformation at the Lean Summit 2020, April 6-7, 2020.  Download the podcast transcript here. More »
Steady Work (Audiobook)
By: Karen Gaudet | February 3, 2020
Audio; Books
Transforming frontline operations in a retail chain the size of Starbucks is a story in itself. This book goes further, investigating how lean thinking addressed huge demand fluctuation in a retail environment across thousands of stores, and then how baristas and managers in Newtown, Connecticut used that system to get them through the worst week imaginable. It is a deeply personal story with global relevance. More »
WLEI: 32. Coachable: A Model Story, Coaching Work Improvement
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | January 27, 2020
As this series continues to explore the implications and dynamic of “coaching” in a business environment, Bryant Sanders models the mindset and techniques for coaching work improvement to develop people. Bryant draws on 26 years Toyota experience to facilitate his coaching techniques with a team in the field leading to a dramatic improvement in the work. He walks us through the story from deciding where to focus, to earning the team’s trust, facilitating reflection solidifying the what and the why and then leveraging one another’s strengths to upskill the team and eliminate difficulty and waste in the work. An excellent More »
WLEI: 31. CEO Transition – an obstacle or an opportunity?
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | January 20, 2020
Too often, a change in executive leadership can bring a lean transformation to a grinding halt.    But that has not been the case at Lynn Community Health Center (LCHC).  Within two years of the start of their lean journey, LCHC CEO Lori Abrams Berry announced her intention to retire.  The immediate reaction from the LCHC community was concern that her departure would impact the progress made on advancing lean thinking and practice with improved outcomes and engagement of its team members. Instead, the impending CEO transition was embraced as a challenge, a gap to tackle.    Learn how LCHC More »
WLEI: 30. On the Job: My Personal Turning Point--Reflecting on a Decade as a Lean Coach
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | January 14, 2020
Josh Howell shares his decade-end reflections, focusing on why he left Starbucks in 2013. His reasons may surprise you. He also interrogates the question, “If a company discontinues a formal lean initiative, or lean program, or lean team, does that mean its lean implementation has failed?” Related Articles:Josh's Eletter: My Personal Turning Point: Reflecting on a Decade as a Lean Coach"What Did I Transform Today?"Lean Coaching SummitVideo: Inside the Tryer Center, the Starbucks Lab Where Anything is Possible  More »
WLEI: 29. What’s the problem: A conversation with Pat Greco on transforming education through rapid problem solving
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | January 6, 2020
Pat Greco In 2011, Dr. Pat Greco began as the superintendent of the Menomonee Falls School District in Wisconsin. She faced no shortage of problems: a suspension rate seven times higher than the state average, performance gaps across income and race, cost overruns, and a failure to meet performance goals defined under the No Child Left Behind Act among others. Not to mention a new administration was upending collective bargaining for public sector employees instilling fear within the teachers she was setting out to lead.   By the end of her tenure she had led the school district to rank as one of the More »
Lean Accounting Podcast from OSU MBOE
December 31, 2019
It's a common misconception that lean in accounting equates to merely a cost-cutting tool. In this podcast from the Ohio State University Master of Business Operational Excellence program (MBOE), LEI Chairman Jean Cunningham discusses a broader model of lean in accounting with Aravind Chandrasekaran, Academic Director of MBOE. Through improved decision-making and impact on the five different "levers" of financial outcomes, Cunningham discusses the impact of lean accounting on value creation. More »
WLEI: 28. Coachable: Creating the Environment for Effective Coaching
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | December 23, 2019
December 23, 2019Featuring: Deborah McGee and Jeff SmithAs this series continues to explore the implications and dynamic of “coaching” in a business environment, Jeff Smith reveals the importance of the learning environment for impactful coaching. Jeff draws on 22 years experience within the Toyota Production System and recalls his coaching experience at New United Motor, and later as a coach in many organizations. We talk about coaching in the front office as well as shop floor, engaging with problems using A3 thinking, and mechanisms to signal abnormal conditions inherently perfect for effective coaching moments.  We invite your thoughts and experiences about More »
WLEI: 27. Dying for a Paycheck? Must work be toxic for employees, and how can a more sustainable approach emerge?
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | December 16, 2019
In his new book Dying for A Paycheck, Stanford University Graduate School of Business Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer argues that there is an overwhelmingly compelling case to be made that the workplace profoundly affects human health and wellbeing, and that these psychosocial stressors have gotten worse in recent years. His book vividly details how the costs are enormous to both individuals and to companies and to society. He believes that If we're going to address this, we need to see the problem and its enormous scope. In this podcast Pfeffer shares thoughts with LEI editor Tom Ehrenfeld on potential countermeasures to More »
WLEI: 26. On the Job: A conversation with Dr. Lynn Kelley about sustaining change at Union Pacific
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | December 9, 2019
Dr. Lynn Kelley was hired by Union Pacific to lead the introduction of the “UP Way” company-wide. The UP Way at that time consisted of a select few lean practices that the company had decided were foundational for their operations. In this conversation, Dr. Kelley shares how her Ph.  D in Research and Evaluations informed the unique approach taken for the implementation of the UP Way.  The "Playbook" of Sustaining Change on the Lean PostCI Sustainment: A Hiding Place for Complexity on the Lean Post More »
WLEI: 25. What’s the Problem: A conversation with Matt Lovejoy on how LEI is trying to create more lean thinkers coming out of university
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | December 2, 2019
How do we create more Lean Thinkers? That is the problem we address in today’s podcast with Matt Lovejoy, Chairman of Lovejoy Industries and LEI board member. Matt - along with former LEI executive, John O’Donnell – is spearheading a new initiative: the James P Womack Scholarship and Philanthropy Fund.  The fund provides scholarships to students to fund hands-on problem-solving experience at charity organizations under the guidance of an LEI coach. The fund’s first partnership is with Oakland University in Michigan. Two of its star students, Monisha Vasudeva and Sagar Bajaj,  are learning and doing kaizen at Humble Design, a More »
WLEI: 24. Coachable: Insights and approaches to situational leadership
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | November 25, 2019
Join my conversation with Art Smalley as he walks us through two models for situational leadership and coaching. Hersey, Blanchard & Johnson’s examination of leadership (and coaching) styles relative to learner (and performer’s) behavior, from the book Management of Organizational Behavior, and The Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition.  Art adds context and color by weaving in stories from parenthood, his years of experience at Toyota, and relates the content to his work with Four Types of Problems. Together, we explore the thresholds of performers at all levels as a way to help assess and engage the right coaching approach for More »
WLEI: 23. Lean Accounting Panel Discussion with Art Byrne, Jean Cunningham, Jim Huntzinger, Nick Katko, and Mike DeLuca
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | November 18, 2019
Many lean thinkers find the traditional accounting reporting completely out of alignment with the new lean management system.   Part of PDCA is checking outcomes to help identify next steps, but if the financial language of business is not reliable to provide good information for evaluation and decision making, sustainment of good experiments is at risk.   Is there a better way? Yes, according to the five panelists on this week’s podcast.  Additional Articles:How lean accounting promotes lean in the organizationProfit and Cost At ToyotaCost Saving is Tired--Value Creation is Hot!Real Number bookThe Value Add Accountantbook More »
WLEI: 22. What’s the Problem: An interview with medical oncologist and CEO of Instituto de Oncologia do Vale (IOV), Dr. Fred, on reducing the cancer burden
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | November 11, 2019
Dr. Carlos Frederico Pinto (aka ‘Dr. Fred’) is a medical oncologist and CEO of Instituto de Oncologia do Vale (IOV), one of Brazil’s top oncology clinics. There are few problems more important than the one Dr. Fred and IOV are trying to solve: reducing the cancer burden.  In the podcast, Dr. Fred explains how he’s led IOV through lean transformation in service to solving this problem. He details three distinct stages of transformation: 1) improving patient care flow and quality; 2) building a management system to enable growth; 3) developing leaders in preparation for succession.  Dr. Fred also shares how More »
WLEI: 21. On the Job: Discovering Strategy by Doing the WORK, a conversation with Dave Brunt, CEO of the Lean Enterprise Academy in the UK
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | November 4, 2019
In a conversation across the Atlantic LEI’s president, Josh Howell, talks to the Lean Enterprise Academy’s CEO, Dave Brunt, about the strategic value of executives doing the value-creating work of their organization. Dave shares what happened when a team member left LEA and he became responsible for picking, packing, and shipping to customers books about lean thinking.  Additional Resources:Lean SolutionsbookCreating Lean Dealers workbookLearning to See workbook More »
WLEI: 20. Coachable: Two Conversations Built on Trust, Inspiration, Experimentation and Transformation.
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | October 28, 2019
Meet two influential voices in my own coaching practice: Paul Serafino who first engaged me in a coaching way in the business environment, opening my eyes and heart to growth and development. And Jason Berkman, a leader who I was fortunate enough to coach and learn with in LEI’s co-learning program.  In two candid conversations, we explore the differences between coaching, managing, leading and training, the importance of trust and motivations, and how a coaching relationship emerges.  We further explore the value of failure, the role of emotions, pushing through our thresholds and making the decision to transform, because “the More »
WLEI: 19. Building A Fearless Organization: An interview with Harvard Business School Professor Amy Edmondson
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | October 21, 2019
How can one create a safe workplace where all employees are encouraged and expected to take ownership of their work? How can one build simple mechanisms to enable individuals to ask healthy questions and challenge each other? Harvard Business School Professor Amy C. Edmondson discusses these questions and more with LEI's Tom Ehrenfeld in a conversation triggered by her recent book The Fearless Organization.   Additional Resources:The Fearless Organization by Amy EdmondsonHow Teaming Produces Execution-as-Learning By Amy C. Edmondson More »
WLEI: 18. What’s the Problem: An Interview with GE Appliance’s Rich Calvaruso on Solving Problems through Improving the Work
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | October 14, 2019
Rich Calvaruso of GE Appliances, a Haier Company sits down with Matt Savas to talk about problems. What problems are they facing? How does GE Appliances develop people through problem solving? And how have they impacted their culture through an emphasis on hands-on problem solving.  Curious what is Jishuken? It is a type of hands-on, learn-by-doing workshop. The term literally means "self-learning" in Japanese.  Additional Resources:Jishuken, Part Two: The Power of Self-LearningThe Value of Sharpening Skills Through 'Jishuken'Lean Lexicon book More »
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