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From the Lean Lexicon 5th Edition:

5S:   see Five Ss
A3s (1)
A3 Strategy Form (from Getting the Right Things Done)
By: Dennis, Pascal | December 11, 2006
A3s; Forms and Templates
A strategy A3 is a one-page storyboard on 11-inch by 17-inch paper that helps us tell our strategy "story.  " Logic flows from top left to bottom right, and each box leads to the next one. Some people might look at a strategy A3 and find it too complicated or busy. This is a normal reaction; we're condensing a lot on to one page. But you'll find that good A3 stories have an intuitive flow and can be told in five to 10 minutes.   Getting the Right Things Done, from which this example is taken, Pascal Dennis outlines the More »
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5S at the FedEx LAX facility for cockpit window and material storage
By: Marchwinski, Chet | May 17, 2009
Articles; Images
5S improvements to eliminate trip hazards and to improve the storage of cockpit windows at the FedEx LAX maintenance and repair facility are shown as part of the LEI success story, Lean Thinking in Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Takes Wing at Fedex Express. (Photos courtesy of Fedex LAX.  ) More »
5S at the FedEx LAX facility for panel and cart storage
By: Marchwinski, Chet | May 17, 2009
Articles; Images
5S improvements to the storage of panels and carts at the FedEx LAX maintenance and repair facility are shown as part of the LEI success story, Lean Thinking in Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Takes Wing at Fedex Express. (Photos courtesy of Fedex LAX.  ) More »
Audio (1)
Forward to Fundamentals Webinar with Jim Womack and John Shook
By: Shook, John; Jim Womack | April 23, 2009
Audio; Videos and Webinars
In recent years, most discussions around lean transformation have understandably evolved toward more managerial and strategic matters. Yet there remains an alarming lack of solid implementation of the fundamentals! In this current economic crisis we can actually move our lean journeys forward faster by looking back to the lessons that led to the creation of TPS in the weakened Japanese economy following World War II. This webinar is designed to uncover the deep roots of the original lean thinking and tools and how you can better focus your own lean implementation plans and execution. This webinar features Jim Womack, Chairman More »
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Doing More With Less: Lean Thinking and Patient Safety in Health Care
By: Joint Commission Resources | June 12, 2006
Beginning with an overview of how lean thinking developed and spread in manufacturing, this book quickly and—most importantly for healthcare readers who are not familiar with lean principles—clearly explains the key concepts of  lean thinking and how they apply to healthcare. Even better, Doing More with Less: Lean Thinking and Patient Safety in Healthcare offers specific examples throughout of how to translate the principles of lean thinking into the healthcare environment, and how leading hospitals are using the concepts to improve safety by eliminating the root causes of problems. More »
The Gold Mine (eBook)
By: Ballé, Freddy and Michael Ballé | January 12, 2010
The Gold Mine deftly weaves together the technical and human pieces of implementing lean manufacturing in an engaging story that readers will find both compelling and instructive. Authors Freddy and Michael Ballé have produced the first integrated and systematic approach to a set of ideas that have maximized value and minimized waste throughout the world. More »
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A Journey to Value Streams: Reorganizing Into Five Groups Drives Lean Improvements and Customer Responsiveness
By: Tonya Vinas | February 28, 2008
Case Studies; Charts, Graphs and Diagrams
While many plants have used value-stream thinking and practices such as current- and future-state mapping, Parker Hannifin Corporation's New Haven, IN, plant has created a value-stream culture centered on autonomy, entrepreneurialism, and lean principles. The change started after months of lengthy discussions among functional leaders, who ultimately determined the best way to remain competitive was to relinquish much of their control to value-stream teams. Along the way, the plant had to overcom More »
Build Your “House” of Production on a Stable Foundation
By: Chet Marchwinski | February 14, 2006
Case Studies; Charts, Graphs and Diagrams; Images
Faced with downtime on key pieces of sophisticated equipment in a machine-intensive environment, Delphi's Plant 1 launched a successful improvement effort by focusing on rigorous problem solving to create basic stability. This Lean Enterprise Institute case study shows you what plant management, staff and employees did. More »
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Lean Roundup: 5S
By: Tom Ehrenfeld | February 24, 2017
LEI's Senior Editor Tom Ehrenfeld provides an engaging insight into the web's best resources on 5S, a fundamental lean tool that was the first many of us ever used when we started our lean journeys. More »
Muda Corporation: The Pitfalls of 5S
By: Marius Gil | February 14, 2017
In the latest installment of his "Muda Corporation" series, Marius Gil shares nine common mistakes he has seen people make with 5S. More »
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5S Again and Again and Again
By: Ballé, Michael | August 7, 2009
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach:Q) I've just inherited responsibility for our 5S efforts in our company. And I face a huge challenge getting the program back on track.  Last summer, a consultant launched a big 5S program with an internal lean Champion. We had great results for the first few months. But the consultant is gone and the internal Champion is stepping down. It's my program now. I recently reviewed 5S scores from the past 2 months as scored by the last team. Scores were in the 80's for all departments. They were giving themselves high scores and everyone was happy. I More »
Would you have a fresh perspective on 5S to make it more motivating?
By: Ballé, Michael | September 10, 2014
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach, I’m the manager of a plant that has changed hands (again). The new corporate team finds my 5S insufficient (again) and want me to make a 5S drive (again). Would you have a fresh perspective on 5S to make it more motivating? More »
Events (1)
2012 Transformation Summit
November 14, 2011
March 7-8, 2012 - Jacksonville, FL. Learn how to borrow the learning curve of Lean Thinkers who are sharing resources and experiences through collaborative learning groups. More »
Forms and Templates (9) Show All »
Standard Work Operator Balance Chart(OBC)
December 6, 2012
The operator balance chart helps create continuous flow in a multistep, multioperator process by distributing operator work elements in relation to takt time. (Also called an operator loading diagram or a yamazumi board.  ) Kaizen Express, from which this example is taken, is a concise, precise illustrated guide to the fundamentals of the Toyota Production System and how to implement them. It is ideal for individuals or teams starting a lean transformation or in need of a quick refresher on the fundamental concepts of lean manufacturing.   Other Resources: Workshops Standardized Work: The Foundation for Kaizen » Management Standard Work More »
Standard Work Process Study Sheet
By: Kaizen Express | December 7, 2012
The Process Study Sheet is used to define and record the time for work elements in a process. Before timing, opbserve and list the work elements required to produce one element. Then observe and define the actual time required for each individual work element. Timing Tips Collect real times at the process. Position yourself so you can see the operator's hand motions. Time each work element seperately. Time several cycles of each work element. Observe an operator who is qualified to perform the job. Always seperate operator time and machine time. Select the lowest repeatable time for each element. Remember More »
Presentations (4) Show All »
By: By Mike Rother | June 1, 2012
The Five Questions are a pattern and routine that's central to coaching the Improvement Kata. More »
Kata Skill at Novice Level
By: By Beth Carrington | May 1, 2016
LEI IK/CK instructor Beth Carrington illustrates five common themes when you find yourself at Novice level. More »
Videos and Webinars (1)
ThedaCare and Lean Healthcare Featured on Fox News
By: Fox News | August 22, 2009
ThedaCare and CEO Emeritus John Toussaint, M.  D. were featured on the "On The Record" show on Fox News Channel in a six-minute segment that aired August 21, 2009. FoxNews.  com posted a series of five videos with a more in depth look. In the first video, Toussaint talks about how their quality and cost improvement efforts are based on the Toyota Production System. He also mentions the Healthcare Value Leaders Network. The second video shows more detail about the Collaborative Care model, including interviews with a physician, nurse, and pharmacist who work together. The third video discusses measurement as a way of tracking performance and driving improvement, along with More »
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5S - Visual Workplace
5S methodology helps organizations achieve more consistent operational results through maintaining an orderly workplace. This workshop will introduce you to the 5S methodology and help you learn basic implementation steps including evaluation and audit. More »
Understanding Lean Transformation
Come explore the components of the Lean Transformation Model, see examples of what others are doing and reflect upon some potential gaps to close within your own organization. More »