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Transforming Healthcare: What Matters Most? How the Cleveland Clinic Is Cultivating a Problem-Solving Mindset and Building a Culture of Improvement
By: David Drickhamer | May 28, 2015
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Imagine if you could create a culture of excellence and improvement in a large healthcare organization. That’s the challenge that pushed the Cleveland Clinic to reinvent its continuous improvement program and push for a true cultural transformation.    More »
Lean management case study series: Pediatric Hospital in Tough Market Pegs Growth to Lean Process Improvement
By: Vinas, Tonya | June 2, 2011
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Lean improvement projects at Akron Children’s Hospital have saved millions of dollars, increased utilization of expensive assets, and reduced wait times for patients and their families. While these gains are important, the learning and commitment that each project builds internally are crucial elements of the hospital’s drive to make continuous improvement not just a program but the overarching strategic imperative for the entire organization.   Read an interview with hospital board member Bill Hopkins from LEI's lean leadership series.  See all the executive interviews in the series. More »
View from the Hospital Floor: How to Build a Culture of Improvement One Unit at a Time
By: David Drickhamer | April 25, 2016
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In this follow-up to our earlier case study "Transforming Healthcare: What Matters Most?", we examine how the Cleveland Clinic is accelerating a lean transformation with a methodology for building a "culture of improvement.  " Here's how it works according to the people making the changes.   More »
Herman Miller’s Experiment in Excellence
By: Drickhamer, David | September 4, 2009
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With initial support from the Toyota Supplier Support Center, Herman Miller cultivates experimental thinkers who make process improvements every day. Their work has yielded dramatic floorspace and inventory reductions, and improved operational flexibility, which is helping the company manage the global economic downturn. More »
Sell One, Buy One, Make One: Transforming from Conventional to Lean Distribution
By: Chet Marchwinski | December 8, 2006
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Big batches. Long lead times. Infrequent deliveries. Large inventories to cover fluctuations in demand. These aren't characteristics normally attributed to lean paragon Toyota, but they once accurately described the automaker's service parts distribution system -- but no more. More »
Lean Inroads Into Alabama Academia
By: George Taninecz | March 30, 2007
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Despite business’s declared need for graduates experienced with lean concepts, most colleges and universities offer only a lean module or course here and there. But at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, faculty of the Industrial Systems and Engineering and Engineering Management department understand that their graduates should have knowledge of and experience with these concepts when they enter the marketplace, and they’re making sure that happens. (A Lean Enterprise Institute Case Study.  ) More »
Fighting Cancer with Linear Accelerators and Accelerated Processes
By: Chet Marchwinski | September 9, 2008
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A series of cross-functional lean improvement teams in the Radiation Oncology Department at the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) applied lean principles to processes to dramatically increase the percentage of patients with bone or brain metastases receiving consultation, simulation, and first treatment on the same day. (Life Magazine cover from 1958 on radiation oncology.  ) More »