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From the Lean Lexicon 5th Edition:

Value:   The inherent worth of a product as judged by the customer and reflected in its selling price and market demand. The value in a typical product is created by the producer through a combination of actions, some of which produce value as perceived by the customers and some of which are merely necessary given the current configuration of the design and production process. The objective of lean thinking is to eliminate the latter class of activities while preserving or enhancing the first set. Value-CreatingAny activity that the customer judges of value. A simple test as to whether a task and More »
Value Stream:   All of the actions, both value-creating and nonvalue-creating, required to bring a product from concept to launch (also known as the development value stream) and from order to delivery (also known as the operational value stream). These include actions to process information from the customer and actions to transform the product on its way to the customer. More »
Value-Creating Time:   see Cycle Time
Value-Stream Improvement:   An improvement method based on the scientific approach to problem solving known as plan-do-check-act (PDCA) or plan-do-study-adjust (PDSA) that brings together the scientific and cultural components needed to implement and sustain positive change in a specific value stream. The PDCA approach corresponds to the three project phases of value-stream improvement. (1) Leadership defines the broad organizational need for a project, how the problem is affecting the organization, and sets the scope of the project. (2) In a workshop, usually lasting three days, value-stream stakeholders develop a current-state value-stream map, analyze the problems, and propose countermeasures in the form of a More »
Value-Stream Manager:   An individual assigned clear responsibility for the success of a value stream. The value stream may be defined on the product or business level (including product development) or on the plant or operations level (from raw materials to delivery). The value-stream manager is the architect of the value stream, identifying value as defined from the customer’s perspective and leading the effort to achieve an ever- shortening value-creating flow. The value-stream manager focuses the organization on aligning activities and resources around value creation, though none of the resources (money, assets, people) may actually “belong to” the valuestream manager. Thus, value-stream management More »
Value-Stream Mapping:   A simple diagram of every step involved in the material and information flows needed to bring a product from order to delivery. Value-stream maps can be drawn for different points in time as a way to raise consciousness of opportunities for improvement (see illustrations below). A current-state map follows a product’s path from order to delivery to determine the current conditions. A futurestate map deploys the opportunities for improvement identified in the current-state map to achieve a higher level of performance at some future point. In some cases, it may be appropriate to draw an ideal-state map showing the opportunities for More »
Nonvalue-Creating Time:   see Cycle Time
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Example A3: Acme Stamping - Value-Stream Improvement (from Managing to Learn)
By: Shook, John and David Verble | October 8, 2006
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Value Stream Mapping for Job Shops
By: Irani, Shahrukh | February 2, 2004
Professor Irani discusses product family matrix analysis for value-stream mapping More »
Value-Stream Mapping
By: Womack, Jim | May 1, 2012
Articles; Value-Stream Maps
In a special article for SME's Manufacturing Enginering, Jim Womack, founder and chairman of the Lean Enterprise Institute, explains the purpose and process of  value-stream mapping with examples from production and office environments. More »
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Podcast with John S. Toussaint, MD, about Lean at ThedaCare
By: Graban, Mark | January 12, 2009
Mark Graban welcomes John Toussaint, MD, CEO emeritus of ThedaCare, and CEO of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, to his Lean Blog podcast. Dr. Toussaint, known for his leadership of the lean efforts at ThedaCare, done under the heading of the ThedaCare Improvement System, talks about ThedaCare's lean journey and how lean concepts can help what ails U.  S. healthcare.   Listen via this player or click the link below:     More »
Dr. John Toussaint on Lean and Healthcare Reform
By: Graban, Mark | August 19, 2009
In this podcast, LEI Senior Fellow Mark Graban welcomes John Toussaint, MD, CEO emeritus of ThedaCare, and CEO of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, to his Lean Blog podcast. In this discussion, Dr. Toussaint discusses "what's missing" in the Washington healthcare reform debate and shares how lean and other quality improvement efforts are the key to sustainable reform.   Listen via this player or click on the link below: More »
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Value-Stream Mapping Workshop Participant Guide
By: Mike Rother and John Shook
Books; Workshops
Learning to See / Seeing the Whole Value Stream Set
By: Dan Jones, Mike Rother, John Shook, Jim Womack | October 25, 2011
This is a special discounted combination package of the classics Learning to See and Seeing the Whole Value Stream. More »
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Shifting to Value-Stream Managers:a Shop-Floor Revolution Leads to a Revolution in Plant Organization
By: Chet Marchwinski | March 8, 2006
Case Studies; Charts, Graphs and Diagrams
Two years into a lean transformation, the low-hanging fruit has been plucked and progress has started to slow. Read how a Thomas & Betts plant recharged the transformation and reached higher levels of performance by using value-stream managers to span functional walls. More »
A Journey to Value Streams: Reorganizing Into Five Groups Drives Lean Improvements and Customer Responsiveness
By: Tonya Vinas | February 28, 2008
Case Studies; Charts, Graphs and Diagrams
While many plants have used value-stream thinking and practices such as current- and future-state mapping, Parker Hannifin Corporation's New Haven, IN, plant has created a value-stream culture centered on autonomy, entrepreneurialism, and lean principles. The change started after months of lengthy discussions among functional leaders, who ultimately determined the best way to remain competitive was to relinquish much of their control to value-stream teams. Along the way, the plant had to overcom More »
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The Gold Mine (Charts and Maps)
By: Ballé, Freddy and Michael Ballé | May 9, 2005
Charts, Graphs and Diagrams; Images; Value-Stream Maps
Charts, maps, and illustrations of key concepts and lessons in The Gold Mine: An illustration of the breakers assembled by Phil Jenkinson's company Operator Balance Charts (OBC) Original plant layout STR value-stream map A sketch of how to create a levelled schedule based on takt time An illustration of how increased change-overs and deliveries lead to reduced lead-time Kanban in a heijunka box More »
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Value at the Imperial Grill
By: Pascal Dennis | June 10, 2014
"The Imperial Grill was a lean enterprise, and my folks, lean thinkers, though they would simply call it common sense," writes Pascal Dennis. In his first piece for the Post, Dennis shares the powerful business lessons he learned growing up at his family's Greek diner. More »
Value Stream Mapping in a Product Development Context: A Q&A with John Drogosz
By: John Drogosz | April 5, 2016
Lean Product and Process Development Senior Coach John Drogosz answers countless questions about LPPD every day. Now, in his first piece for the Lean Post, he answers one of his most-asked questions: about how to create a value stream map for a PD environment. Read more. More »
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Value Stream Management
By: Jones, Dan | December 2, 2009
As we emerge from the recession and look ahead old ways of thinking and action will not be enough to meet two big challenges ahead. The first challenge is the growing impact of the web in opening up the possibility of turning customers from strangers to partners. The more customers know about what they could have and the way products and services are produced and delivered the more demanding they are becoming. They recognise they have an increasingly powerful voice! And they expect providers to be able to deliver exactly what they want, when, where and how they want it More »
Adding Cost or Creating Value?
By: Womack, Jim | March 4, 2004
Columns; eLetters
I was out on tour this past week, listening to companies' stories as they try to achieve a "lean" transformation.    And I was struck, as I often am, by confusing terminology. The companies I visited thought they were "adding value" but I mostly watched them adding cost.    So let me try to clarify things. I always use the term "creating value" rather than the more familiar "adding value" because the former is the voice of the customer while the latter is the voice of the accountant.    Companies add up their costs - both bought-in materials and internal More »
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2013 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit
January 17, 2013
June 5-6, 2013 - Orlando, Florida. Learn how innovative experiments are changing the way we deliver and pay for healthcare with a focus on value. More »
2012 Transformation Summit
November 14, 2011
March 7-8, 2012 - Jacksonville, FL. Learn how to borrow the learning curve of Lean Thinkers who are sharing resources and experiences through collaborative learning groups. More »
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Value Proposition Template (from Perfecting Patient Journeys)
By: Lean Transformations Group | January 29, 2013
A lean value proposition is used in value-stream improvement projects. It will help you and your team: Align the stakeholders around what will be included in addressing the problem, Identify the stakeholders who will be added to the project team and actively engaged in creating the current- and future-state value-stream maps, Identify additional stakeholders necessary to drive the implementation of the future state, Serve as an agreement—a proof of consensus—on the specific problem to be solved, and with the problem statement serve as authorization for the entire project. The value proposition is not just a document to record discussions. It should More »
Goal Development Template (from Perfecting Patient Journeys)
By: Lean Transformations Group | January 29, 2013
When doing value-stream improvement, once there is a shared vision of a future state, you will still need to identify the specific changes that need to be made and turn proposed changes into formal improvement goals. Keep in mind that goals are not actions. Goals are the outcomes or results you want when you complete your implementation of your future state. You need to remain focused on the outcomes you want to achieve, not just actions you plan to take. To stay focused on outcomes, link the change you plan to make with the specific purpose for making the change. More »
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Value Stream Mapping and Management
By: Keyte, Beau | December 5, 2002
a 2002 presentation by LEI faculty member Beau Keyte to the Jacksonville APICS community More »
Lean Thinking for the Extended Value Stream
By: Womack, Jim | May 1, 2003
Presentations; Value-Stream Maps
Lean Thinking for the Extended Value Stream - a presentation by Jim Womack at the 2003 Shingo Conference More »
Research (1)
Mistake-proofing healthcare: Why stopping processes may be a good start
By: Grout, John; Toussaint, John | February 24, 2010
Professor John Grout and John Toussaint, M.  D.  , combine their lean experience to write a peer-reviewed journal article from Indiana University's "Business Horizons". Grout teaches an LEI workshop called Mistake-Proofing Healthcare: Designing Processes to Reduce Medical Errors. Toussaint is CEO of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, a partner in the Healthcare Value Leaders. The link below is a PDF file of the article. More »
Software (1)
eVSM v8 - Electronic Value-Stream Mapping
March 10, 2014
Accessories; Software; Value-Stream Maps
Walking the shop or office floor with a paper and pencil to collect data and observe actual conditions is how value-stream mapping (VSM) is done. But for a long time, members of the Lean Community have been sharing these hand-drawn maps by creating their own electronic templates from scratch in various software programs. eVSM makes the process of turning hand-drawn maps into electronic ones easier and faster. As a companion – not a substitute – to paper-and-pencil mapping, the software allows lean practitioners to easily create, modify, and disseminate electronic value-stream maps. More »
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Value-Stream Map Zones (from Perfecting Patient Journeys)
By: Lean Transformations Group | January 29, 2013
Developing a current-state map creates a common understanding of how things really work today in the value stream (not necessarily what the documentation says or some might believe) so that the stakeholders can work together to identify and address problems and make improvements. Remember, see together, learn together, act together. All value-stream maps are laid out in a horizontal format. They capture major categories or zones of fact finding. We find it helpful to think about value-stream maps in terms of the following six zones: customer, supplier, processes, information flow, process data, and a timeline and summary. Perfecting Patient Journeys, More »
Value-stream Mapping Icons for Excel
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | January 1, 2003
At the request of some of our readers we have posted the most commonly used mapping icons so that they can be downloaded for Excel spreadsheets. More »
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Dr. Michel Tétreault - CEO Panel Opening Statement, 2010 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit
By: Healthcare Value Leaders Network | March 5, 2011
From the 2010 Summit in Orlando. Click here for more info on the 2011 Summit, June 8-9 in Seattle. More »
Dr. Michel Tétreault - On Transparency, 2010 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit
By: Healthcare Value Leaders Network | April 20, 2011
From the 2010 Summit, the CEO of St. Boniface Hospital on transparency and healthcare. > More »
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Value-Stream Mapping for Healthcare
This interactive workshop demonstrates how to apply lean principles and value-stream mapping, a fundamental and critical tool, to make fundamental improvements in a healthcare organization's clinical/administrative processes. See how these principles apply to the processes such as emergency medical care, pharmacy, diagnostic procedures (lab and radiology), patient registration and discharge, records, and billing. More »
Value-Stream Mapping for Manufacturing
Learn how to use this fundamental initial step in a lean transformation to create the "blueprints" for applying other tools and targeting kaizen events most effectively. More »