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Lean Transformation Summit Features a Job Shop’s Long Lean Journey

Cambridge, Mass., Feb. 1, 2010 -- In a plenary session at the Lean Transformation Summit, Lantech CEO James Lancaster will reveal how conversion to one-piece flow drove the company's early lean transformation in the 1990s, why the transformation stalled, and how the company renewed the effort.

He’ll also discuss the important lessons learned during each phase of Lantech's transformation: the "blitz" phase, the "believing" phase, and the current lean management phase. Lantech, headquartered in Louisville, KY, makes packaging and material-handling machinery, which it sells worldwide to large consumer goods companies.

The unique design of Lean Summits has executives explain the essential business cases behind their lean transformations during plenary sessions, followed by breakout sessions where change agents deliver the how-to details about the methodologies used. The conference runs March 3-4 in Orlando, FL.  Pre-conference workshops run March 1-2.

In the keynote address, Jim Womack, LEI founder and chairman, will bring lean thinking up to date. Womack is coauthor of The Machine That Changed the World, Lean Thinking, Seeing the Whole: mapping the extended value stream, and Lean Solutions.

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Lean Summit Highlights

- How Goodrich Aerostructures steadily advanced a 1995 lean effort from the shop floor to today’s complete business system.

- How leadership behavior and employee training at FedEx Express turned airplane mechanics and other staff from skeptics into change agents.

- How Lantech, whose rapid and dramatic success was documented in Lean Thinking (1996), implemented a management system that today supports sustainable daily improvements.

- Keynote by Jim Womack, who led the MIT research team that coined the term "lean," on how to introduce an enduring lean management system.

- Learning sessions and pre-conference workshops on such transformation issues as: behavioral change, standardized work confusion, change agent skills, lean for senior leaders, applying lean thinking to human resources, office and service value streams.

Lean Enterprise Institute

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