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Lean Enterprise Institute Webinar to Challenge Conventional Thinking about Leadership

As companies strive to improve performance in increasingly competitive global markets,

engaging everyone all the time in problem solving to improve products and services is not only the ultimate sign of workplace respect but a decisive business advantage, according to Michael Ballé, author and faculty member at the nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI).

Respecting people “doesn’t mean nice-nice,” said, Ballé, who will facilitate the one-hour free webinar “How to Lead with Respect” on Tuesday, September 9, 2014, starting at 2 PM (Eastern).

“Respecting people means helping them develop the technical and leadership skills to contribute to the fullest of their abilities,” he said.  This “lead with respect” process creates the only truly sustainable source of competitive advantage—a company culture of continuous improvement.

7 Step Process to Follow

During the webinar, sponsored by LEI, a nonprofit publishing, research, and training company based in Cambridge, MA, Ballé will share a seven-step process that executives and managers can follow to lead with respect on a daily basis:

  1. Go and see for yourself: look with your feet, think with your hands
  2. Challenge: link small problems to large questions
  3. Listen: understand the barriers to reaching the challenge
  4. Teach problem solving: develop people’s autonomy to analyze and solve problems
  5. Support: engage and involve people in their own workplaces
  6. Teamwork: intensify collaboration
  7. Learn: everyone’s understanding of what’s possible changes as problems are solved

Registration now is open at: https://www.lean.org/events/sep_9_webinar.cfm

About the Presenter

Michael Ballé, PhD, is a business writer and executive coach, who has studied lean transformations for 20 years. He coaches CEOs and senior executives in using lean management practices to radically improve business' performance, writes the Gemba Coach column for LEI, and is co-author of the just-published business book Lead With Respect: A Novel of Lean Practice.

About the Lean Enterprise Institute
Lean Enterprise Institute Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Cambridge, MA, makes things better through lean research, education, publishing, and conferences. Founded in 1997 by management expert James P. Womack, PhD, LEI supports other lean initiatives such as the Lean Global Network, the Lean Education Academic Network, and the Healthcare Value Network. Visit LEI at https://www.lean.org for more information.