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Lean Enterprise Institute Announces Fall and Winter Training Dates, Locations, and Subjects

Cambridge, MA -- A comprehensive fall and winter schedule of workshops by the nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) will show executives, managers, and continuous improvement professionals how to implement and sustain lean management systems, behaviors, and company cultures. Registration is open now.

The schedule includes four new sessions on A3 thinking, kanban for knowledge work, leading with respect, lean leadership behaviors. It also includes popular workshops on key concepts of lean, supply chain and distribution, strategy deployment, kaizen, and product development. The locations and dates are:

  • Seattle, Nov. 3-6
  • San Diego, Nov. 10-12
  • Online workshop, Dec. 1-10
  • Cambridge, MA, Dec. 2-3
  • Online workshop, Jan. 12-21
  • Florence, KY, (Cincinnati) Feb. 23-26
  • Las Vegas, March 15-16

The schedule at each location includes two to 10-plus workshops. Complete details about content, instructors, and how to register are available by calling (617) 871-2900, emailing the registrar at registrar@lean.org, or by visiting the LEI web site at: https://www.lean.org/Workshops/WorkshopCalendar.cfm.  

LEI workshops are designed to teach actual applications, not just concepts, in plain language with the case studies, worksheets, formulas, and methodologies that managers and continuous improvement professionals need to implement lean principals. Tuition includes all participant materials, breakfast, lunch, and snacks each day.

About the Lean Enterprise Institute

Lean Enterprise Institute Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Cambridge, MA, makes things better through lean research, training, publishing, and events. Founded in 1997 by management expert James P. Womack, PhD, LEI supports other lean initiatives such as the Lean Global Network, the Lean Education Academic Network, and the Healthcare Value Network. Learn more about LEI at https://www.lean.org .