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Lean Enterprise Institute Workshops in Cambridge, MA,Teach New Lean Leadership Behaviors

Cambridge, Mass., Jan. 5, 2010 -- A comprehensive lineup of workshops from the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) will show executives and managers how to apply lean business concepts to improve supply chain, logistics, service and administrative processes, as well as practice the new lean leadership behaviors needed to sustain the improvements.

In addition, the workshop Leading the High Velocity Organization by Steven Spear, a senior lecturer at MIT and author of Chasing the Rabbit, will help executives and managers adopt the best practices of today’s most competitive companies. The workshops are:

Jan. 19-20

Managing to Learn: The Use of the A3 Management Process

Based on the lessons in the popular Managing to Learn book, this session will show you how to use A3 reports as critical elements for creating a deep problem-solving culture based on the scientific method of plan-do-check-act. You’ll learn the  the basic types of A3 stories and how the formats differ; how to use A3s for gaining alignment with the stakeholders in a problem; and how to  read and respond as a mentor to the A3s of others.

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Jan. 27-29

New - Transformational Leadership: A Program for Senior Leaders

This three-day course is a unique opportunity to learn and practice the new leadership behaviors needed to support a lean transformation. A team of experienced LEI faculty members combine an experiential methodology, a realistic business simulation, and a series of rapid experiments that will help you uncover the thinking patterns that form the foundation of an organizational culture and drive leaders' behaviors. Price: $2,995.

For complete details about workshop content, visit: https://www.lean.org/Workshops/WorkshopDescription.cfm?WorkshopEventId=43&WorkshopId=43 

Feb. 10

Optimizing Flow in Office and Service Processes

Take the next step after learning how to value-stream map a service or office process. Through successive rounds of a simulated office kaizen event, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the key lean concepts of standard work, visual management, flow, and pull as you apply them to information-intensive processes. You’ll identify improvement opportunities, implement them,  measure the impact, and re-organize your own business processes to create flow and customer pull. Price: $800.

For complete details about workshop content, visit: https://www.lean.org/Workshops/WorkshopDescription.cfm?WorkshopEventId=48&WorkshopId=33 

February 24

Leading the High Velocity Organization: How to Outrace Rivals in Quality, Cost, and Time to Market

Across a range of highly competitive sectors, a few companies manage to outrun their competition even though they offer similar products and services, rely on the same suppliers, and are subject to the same rules and regulations. Fortunately, what these companies do differently can be taught and applied. Through presentations, case studies, exercises, and breakout sessions, you will learn how these “rabbits” lead the race, continually widen their lead, and how you can apply their best practices. Price: $800

For complete details about workshop content, visit: https://www.lean.org/Workshops/WorkshopDescription.cfm?WorkshopEventId=47&WorkshopId=36 

March 10-11

Supporting Leader Standard Work with Visual Management Tools

Learn how to disengage from managing by the conventional standard of “what gets measured gets managed” and move to the lean ideal of “what gets measured visually gets managed in real time.” You’ll learn how to tie together policy deployment, value-stream mapping, kaizen, visual management, and leadership standard work. The emphasis is on developing visual management methods and incorporating them into management standard work. Price: $1600.

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March 23-24

Building the Lean Fulfillment Stream: Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Find out how to apply lean principles to the extended enterprise, beginning with extended value-stream mapping to uncover waste. You’ll learn how to calculate “total cost of ownership” for material purchases, cut lead time and inventory, develop customer and supplier measurement systems, break down cross-functional barriers, implement pull systems for material replenishment, and establish supply-chain visibility. Price: $1600.

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Pricing and Discounts

Price includes tuition, training materials, breakfast, lunch, and snacks. For information about registration, discounts or to bring a workshop to your site, call 617- 871-2900, or email registrar@lean.org.

Check the Education page on the LEI web site at www.lean.org for workshop times. Most run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For driving instructions to LEI at One Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA, visit: https://www.lean.org/WhoWeAre/ContactUs.cfm  

What is Lean?

The terms lean manufacturing, lean production, or lean management refer to a complete business system for organizing and managing product development, operations, suppliers, customer relations, and the overall enterprise that requires less capital, material, space, time, or human effort to produce products and services with fewer defects to precise customer desires, compared with traditional modern management.

Lean Enterprise Institute

Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc., was founded in 1997 by management expert James P. Womack, Ph.D., as a nonprofit research, education, publishing, and conference company with a mission to advance lean thinking around the world. We teach courses, hold management seminars, write and publish books and workbooks, and organize public and private conferences. We use the surplus revenues from these activities to conduct research projects and support other lean initiatives such as the Lean Education Academic Network, the Lean Global Network and the Healthcare Value Leaders Network. Visit LEI at https://www.lean.org for more information.


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